[February 28, 2020] All the Bills Begathon - Extra begging on the extra day.

What will the tips goal be?

  • < $1000

    Votes: 6 2.8%
  • $1000-$1999

    Votes: 51 24.1%
  • $2000-$2999

    Votes: 63 29.7%
  • $3000+

    Votes: 92 43.4%

  • Total voters
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Gotta Groom Em All

That Pancham was 18 I swear
I say give him more money. You're just going to increase in how much tax he has to pay and he has to explain how he is suddenly gaining large amounts of money to the trustee.
This. It's all going either straight to the creditors or straight into his WWE Champions account, but he's still going to be on the hook to pay taxes on all of it.

Less than a week, gents.


Racist Cunt
He better to remember to set some aside to pay the taxes on this additional income. He also better be careful to ensure this doesn't push him over the limit for chapter 7. Start creating expenses for February 2020.
You raise a really good point. The trustee will want to look at his other months due to his expenses but also how those numbers demand scrutiny. His tax alone is a MASSIVE give away as it shows he is clearly fudging the numbers because his taxes for this year are about 20k so the numbers dont allign.


Might be more suitable for the bankruptcy thread, but still related to the fundraisers (especially if he exceeds the goal). Is there any chance that these emergency fundraisers could potentially fuck up his chapter 7 application (despite him clearly fudging the numbers)? From what I remember, he was only under the means testing limit for chapter 7 by a few thousand dollars. He could of shot himself in his gouty foot unless he somehow has an even greater expense to account for in January - he'd have to account for paying his tax guy but the only change is that the guy wants paid up front.
if the trustee sees how much he makes it will definitely be over with chapter 7. you cant make 1250$+ a day and declare bankruptcy. you can (should) easily pay of your debt with that kind of "earnings" (scammings)


if the trustee sees how much he makes it will definitely be over with chapter 7. you cant make 1250$+ a day and declare bankruptcy. you can (should) easily pay of your debt with that kind of "earnings" (scammings)
This brings up the logic of Chapter 7 to me...

If you can afford a $1200 bankruptcy lawyer, $1500+ fees to pay your taxes, etc... which proves how much money you're getting in the short term, how can you still claim Chapter 7?

Oh, but Phil needed a payment plan for the $350 bankruptcy filing...

If the trustee and creditors don't rip Phil a new asshole, I don't understand anything anymore.

Dolphins Rise Up

Not a fan of frogs
Street Fighter was - surprisingly - the most entertaining part of the stream. So salty.

Wins: 23
Losses: 19
Lobby switches: 9

I like how he showed Jasper at the very end but wouldn't switch from his shitty, tiny Street Fighter cam to full screen. Should've payed more, pigs. Only other highlight of the marathon for me were the stream snipers fucking with him in Fortnite. He immediately recognized it was a Ninja skin, of course.

Hopefully no one's surprised he reached the goal. The whale call always delivers, and it's not like that money's actually going to save him.

Gotta Groom Em All

That Pancham was 18 I swear
That was the hand-gathered Himalayan sea salt. He was already pissy from getting his shit kicked in by multiple other players. Somehow this was the "worst session he's had in weeks". I'm sure losing over and over had nothing to do with it.
Of course it didn't have anything to do with it, stop being a negative dick head. He doesn't really care too much about classic street fighter, he's just there to chill and have fun.

That's why he never plays ranked and runs away from those complete morons that all they do is use the laggy tricks to win matches.

Schrödinger's Kat

So he ended up around $1300.
So he's shaving his head tomorrow? Dying his beard purple for a month? Buying some new equipment for his streams? What is he doing for the viewers for reaching his tips goal?

Oh that's right, Phil is rewarding his fans with *drum roll sound effects* -----> NOTHING.

Its just exceptional that people would throw money at him when he's admitting its for nothing of any value to the viewer. I mean who wants to hand someone money to pay a tax attorney... he could do his taxes himself for like $50 using TurboTax. Its just a complete waste of money. Tomorrow he'll still have $0/100 tips goal on both streams. And you get the same boring Phil and the same boring stream. Phil is just as fucking broke as ever. And his viewers are $1300 poorer.

If Phil had a heart he would do actual charity events, like a fundraiser for the shelter he got Jasper. He could potentially raise tons of money from these pay pigs, and it would go to something good. But being a narcissistic shithead he'd prefer to keep it all for himself.


Wait I just realized, so does this mean he has been trying to pay his taxes quarterly? @actually
I think he just needs this years taxes done for the meeting next week, so that plus that nudnik tax guy demanding to be paid up front made this a prime begging opportunity. Pretty sure he said he's going to try to get another payment plan for this years taxes as well and if that's true he didn't put a dime into anything yet.