February 8th shooting and hostage situation in Thailand by Soldier Jakraphanth Thomma -

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new question: how the fuck do you stop people in the military from doing mass shootings
You keep your murder-goons happy enough that they see a fulfilling future, so killing a bunch of random people would ruin that.

In the USA they just lie about medical benefits for life and the GI bill and such. No clue what Thai military benefits are like.

How do you stop people from hurting a bunch of other people? You don't need access to an armory. Having more armed guards around the armory might have helped mitigate the damage in this case. Fort Hood in Texas was shot up twice within a few years by people in the military because military bases in the USA are gun-free zones.

Probably by having weapons made available to the rest of the population.
How do you stop people trying to kill other people? You kill the murderer. Note how this mass murder ended after a squad of police/military came in and killed him.

It's impossible to stop murder before it happens. Murderers have been and will always be a part of the human population.
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new question: how the fuck do you stop people in the military from doing mass shootings
Actual mental health treatment, regular psychological evaluations, less stigmatized views on mental health so people will step forward to get help. Homicidal and suicidal urges become blurred after a certain point. If a person hits the point they’re ready to end their own life they’re likely apathetic to the lives of others or resent them for feeling singled out. But all that costs money, and effort and people actually wanting to talk about the problem, so lol never gonna happen.


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Well, that's super depressing. Gotta get them ad bucks, I guess. At least we can all agree: people suck. I wish the news would report on more local heroes and stuff and give it more coverage.

Like, give me a reason to look forward to life, not a reason to buy a bulletproof vest.
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