"Feels Good Man" - Official Trailer for “Feels Good Man” - a Sundance-winning documentary following Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the Frog, and his attempt to reclaim the character after being co-opted as a symbol of white supremacy

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I'll watch out of morbid curiosity and it looks trippy enough to see while high.

I think this dude shouldn't have been that mad at 4chan but mad at the ADL. 4chan is whatever but fuck the ADL, they're a bigger waste of money than lottory tickets. Chris Ray Gun made a video where he suggested instead of giving the "alt-right" stuff you like and making them hate symbols we should just... not fucking do that. He used Pepe as an example of how it doesn't fucking work. As soon as people moved on to the next nontroversy, Pepe was being used by everyone again. If the hate status didn't stick then what the fuck was the point?
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