Female-driven Lord of The Flies remake in the works. - More gender-swapping for the sake of it.

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I distinctly recall author William Golding stating that he didn't include girls in his novel because he optimistically believed that girls would be better at sorting things out rationally than boys would.

That said, Catfight Tumblr Island sounds like it could be gloriously wonder-terrible. They can fight over whose turn it is to check their privilege and who assumed whose pronouns.


He hadn't observed girls enough. Even when being at loggerheads, boys usually have a grudging respect towards each other; girls simply hate each other with every fabric of their beings.
>Women are superior to men. >Tries to rape a 15 year old girl.


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With all of this craze of trying to make movies out books, gender swapping and terrible marketing campaigns, when we get the female Catcher and the Rye?
It would probably look like Girl Interrupted.

I want a gender-swapped The Stranger: white woman murdering kebabs because the weather is too hot and there is sun in her eyes.


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So are these going to be little girls or teens? Also, this might not be so bad. Seems like the Directors have a decent track record.

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Pretty much.

Girls on an island isn't a very original idea. I think the premise of making this movie is to ruin a literary classic in the name of feminism.
Screw that. They should adapt The Drifting Classroom (again) or Cage of Eden...


Feminism has no chance against prehistoric kangaroos, among other things.


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It has some competent names attached to it, so hopefully it won't be anything close to below average. Still, I'm not interested in another remake of something that's considered a classic, so I can't say I'm gonna bother with this too much further.


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Why don't they remake actual women movies, like 1930s "The Women" (all-female cast) or "8 Femmes" from 1950s?
They did remake The Women. It was shit.

TBH, I think calling it a remake of Lord of the Flies is just an easy way to drum up publicity. It seems to me that if you make the characters female, it's no more a remake of Lord of the Flies than, say, Battle Royale was. Female characters in the modern era will behave very differently towards one another than males in the 50s and that will drastically affect the story. Done well, it could be a good film in its own right, but it wouldn't be Lord of the Flies.


The answer is always "porn."
Why don't they remake actual women movies, like 1930s "The Women" (all-female cast) or "8 Femmes" from 1950s?

Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood is what came to mind when I first heard about this idea. And she's actually trendy right now. But then it wouldn't be a high profile remake, I guess.

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