Female-driven Lord of The Flies remake in the works. - More gender-swapping for the sake of it.


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Mar 11, 2017
It's free on Tubi. I actually scrolled by it a bunch of times having no idea that this was the same film. I figured it just never got past the drawing board.

I might watch it sometime if I have nothing better to do.


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Mar 11, 2017
So I watched it because there was supposed to be this bad storm and then it just ended up raining a little for ten minutes. All that thunder and wind for nothing.

But I figured I might as well see it through even though I was no longer stuck inside.

It. Is. Excruciating. :cryblood:

That is the best word to describe it. I thought I'd been watching for an hour and checked the time. 35 minutes in. That was it. Every minute of this film seems like an eternity. And nothing really happens. Every time it looks like something might occur that's interesting you just get let down. And there's a bunch of loose ends and weird stuff that doesn't make sense. The house seems to have sunk after an earth quake. But no one even tries to open a window and climb over the rubble. The big dining room windows open outward. You can tell as someone else said earlier in the thread. They could have at least opened it and cried for help. No one even tries anything. If there was a danger of a cave in I would think the window glass wouldn't even hold that much earth back anyway.

It's not really much like Lord Of The Flies. Just a slightly similar, more claustrophobic theme. It's more like The Mist if there were no monsters and they never got out of the supermarket.

Oh and the soundtrack. If you can call it that.It's a bunch of high pitched chanting and women who sound like they are combining a cat meowing with a puppy whining. It's total earbleed and it's almost constant.

Everyone's wearing weird clothes that look like someone dumped a donation box onto the floor and yelled "Go!". Maybe this is because Eden's birthday party had some kind of theme. No clue. Most of the characters have weird hair too. No danger hair. But the styles are just odd.

There's a cat but you only see it like twice. No idea what it's eating. Mice maybe. I was afraid Piper would hurt the cat but she doesn't. You hear its meows echoing so I assumed it was in the basement or the ducts. But it reappears so it's fine.

Early on Eden sights a man and people think she's seeing things at first. So "The Man" becomes a taunt and starts to scare some of the girls. Especially after Eden disappears.

I couldn't figure out whose house they were at by the way. Maybe it was Eden's? I might have missed that part.

The only good characters are Olivia, Dolly, Blake and Eden. To a lesser extent Romy because I don't think she was really all that bad. It's obvious she starts losing it early and sometimes seems to be in her own world. She's texting on her dead phone and talks to herself a lot.

Olivia is the only level headed one. She really does try to do good but Piper and her crew keep screwing it up. All the phones die because they keep playing with them. So no one can check to see if the service came back.

Dolly is either autistic, the victim of some serious sexual abuse or both. She refers to herself as a little girl and carries an antique doll around that she's had all her life. Something is going on there but we never get to see what because this movie can't characters. Don't cringe too much as it's not as bad as it sounds. She's actually somewhat likable but you will get annoyed after awhile. Had they delved into whatever makes her act like that I think she would have been the most interesting character. It's very disappointing. She seems more afraid of "The Man" than anyone else. But you get nada about why.

Blake is a chain smoker and seems pretty cool. She has some revelation about "The Man" and tries to tell piper. She ends up getting thrown against a wall. Her nose bleeds badly and they lock her in a closet. She screams for help but Piper won't give Olivia the key. You never find out if she died in there.

Piper is horrible and you will want to strangle her the minute she opens her mouth. Gingers truly have no souls. She breaks down once after tearing the head off of Dolly's doll. She starts to say she's sorry and she cries. You think maybe Piper well have some development, stop acting like a bitch and try to help Olivia figure a way out. No. She goes full face paint loco along with Romy and the diversity characters who don't matter. When a helicopter comes by they laugh and dance instead of trying to signal from the windows like Olivia, Blake and Dolly do. To no avail mind you. You'll want to kill the whole lot of Piper's crew just for that.

There's a black girl and an Asian girl, Mallory and Amanda. They do nothing but occasionally bully Dolly and Olivia and act like lunatics when the scenes call for it. Otherwise they are non-entities. I think they are just there so the film can say it has diversity.

I'll spoiler the end parts in case someone really wants to watch this drivel.

Eden is never found. Romy claims she sees her dress when she opens the basement door. But Romy is going bonkers so who knows if she's right. After Olivia drags Dolly out of the bedroom after being stripped to her underwear by Piper you never see her again. I assume she was just unconscious or catatonic. And yes she was having her period like she eluded to in the beginning. Thanks for showing that. Ick.

There really is a man in the basement. He might be dead. He could be sleeping. No one even checks to see. He has his head on a chair and his body is covered in a sheet. Who he is or how he got in there is never explained. You don't even know if he's dangerous or did something to Eden. You never find out what the hell happened to her.

Olivia pulls a board off the basement wall after being pursued by Piper's gang of diversity hires. You see the sunlight from the doorway and you can hear engines. But you never get to see what is actually outside. The girls all have different reactions so you can't really judge what happened or how bad it is. Disappointing given all the claustrophobic madness and almost no character development that you had to deal with for an hour and a half.

If you really want to see how bad it is give it a try. I can't say I recommend it. Might be fun to laugh at. But it's a slog to get through.

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