Disaster Feminist stand-up comedian gets booed by the audience for over half an hour at a music festival in Chile - No word on the organizers taking her for a helicopter ride after her disastrous performance


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Another source.
And another source (in Spanish)

"The monster of Vina del Mar 2019 can be cruel. The Chilean artist" Stand Up Comedy " Jani Dueñas suffered pineapple and booing of the crowd at Quinta Vergara and had to complete his monologue in advance.

For about 20 minutes, Jani Dueñas tried to continue talking about feminism , relationships and other issues, while the public let her know her displeasure. Minutes before, Marc Anthony had sung some songs and everyone was upset because they did not give him more time.

The climax came when they started screaming "to go home ". As much as the artist tried to continue, in the end she was" rescued "by the festival's master.
Martín Cárcamo explains why they do not cut the routine of Jani Dueñas, despite the blunders

"No one will save me here. This is a total abandonment," said Jani Dueñas of the boos he received during his presentation at the Vina del Mar Festival. What the comedians asked is that Martín Cárcamo and María Luisa Godoy intervene and end their routine.

When they finally left, Dueñas left with irony: "woohoo, the presenters arrived!".

After the end of the show at Quinta Vergara, Cárcamo explained that "the decision to lower the routine under no circumstances lies in the animator because it would be disrespectful for the artist and more when the artist during his routine says it will end because it is your job. "

"When she says no one comes here to save me, what she says is boys, but before when Jani says" I'll finish my show, "she doesn't say" go in, "he added.
So a bit of context. This is an important music and TV festival in Chile and it is broadcasted for all Latin American countries through the Fox network. Normally it is celebrated at the end of February and is really big in Chile, with everyone watching it and commenting on it the day after. It is safe to say than more than half the country watches the festival in some way and is also popular in other Latin countries. Think about it as the Latin version of the Eurovision song contest, pretty much.

The festival lasts six days and every day has four shows: one singer/band that opens the day, a comedian, a musical competition and another singer/band at the end of the night.

For a local comedian, the festival is pretty much the biggest show he or she is ever gonna do and if he or she succeeds it will be the highlight of his career. A comedian that is acclaimed at this festival will have a great year and will be performing in every single theater, bar, casino and TV show for a long time.

But this show is kind of a double-edged sword, because people don’t go the festival specifically to see the comedian, but rather the musical shows, so she has to defeat the “monster” (the audience of this festival is known by that name, because it is a very disrespectful and challenging audience) which means that the comedian has to make them laugh quickly or else they are going to start booing her until she leaves. This is commonly called “ser comido por el monstruo” (being eaten by the “monster”). And that’s what happens in this video, she’s being massively booed, but the TV show has a fixed schedule, so she has to continue for a while even if she’s failing hard. And if it looks like there’s people clapping is because the TV director is only showing the local celebrities that are kind of “supporting” her.

Here is another snippet of her performance. You don't even need to understand Spanish to see how hard she tanked.

So not only she had to get the hosts to get her out of the stage, the backlash was so big that she deleted her Twitter account.

Tim should show this to Rogan, it'd be very interesting to see his reaction to this, not only because it shows that people are fucking tired of feminist drivel, but also even the normies are "breaking the conditioning".


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I mean, as long as she doesn't cry about it.
That's my main problem with modern-day "feminists" and PC culture in general. They claim they want equal treatment, but what they really want is to be untouchable and immune to mockery.
Well she kinda is - she deleted her Twitter account. Now she's deflecting all blame and guilt-tripping the audience.

CNN Chile covering the "incident". Again, it's big news around these parts because no one has ever been booed that much.

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Well she kinda is - she deleted her Twitter account. Now she's deflecting all blame and guilt-tripping the audience.

CNN Chile covering the "incident". Again, it's big news around these parts because no one has ever been booed that much.
Yep, just as I thought. That's a modern feminist for you.


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Are there any English translations of at least parts of her act? I'm curious to see just how bad this idiot's routine is.
Not yet I'm afraid. But you can check out her Netflix special (if it works on your country just skim through it) to get a feel for the kind of crap she does.

Another clip, I can translate a few quips, stand by.

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