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How big is this Wu echo chamber anyway? I thought the SJWs ostracized her for her overly sexualized game
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I can't wait until Wu fades into obscurity. People who use 'feminism' and 'social justice' to do and say whatever they like are the worst!
Also I have really big issues with somebody who spent their teen years as a rich white man being a figurehead of feminism.


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From this point on, I think people need to stop referring to Wu as anything other than a professional victim.

"Women's Lives just a joke to trolls?" How does one make this cognitive leap exactly? No wonder the current state of 'gender politics' is so toxic when things get taken to such ridiculous extremes.


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This article was rich with lols for me.

My favourite is:

Million Dollar Extreme, told the Daily Kos’ Margaret Pleiss “mind your own business, fuck face” when she asked for confirmation about whether or not Rankowski actually worked for them.

Kudos, gentlemen, Kudos.

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Also I have really big issues with somebody who spent their teen years as a rich white man being a figurehead of feminism.
It's definitely a problem, but hardly the worst Wu needs to overcome to be credible.

As I've said before, Wu's brand of equality is an "Upper West Side" equality: Equality for people in her social circles and who are similarly situated. For those not familiar with NYC, the Upper West Side is artsy, affluent, and intellectual. They tend to be in favor of "social justice" as applied to encouraging artistic and expressive freedom, but about as far removed from caring about economic equality as you can get. It's leftist thought having excised any of the parts that are inconvenient for their way of life.

Some would call that intellectual dishonesty. That's Wu to a tee, and why I don't feel like a sexist for saying she needs to shut the fuck up and just make shitty games. Her advocacy is not developed, not reasoned, not nuanced, and not giving adequate space to addressing contrary viewpoints (or viewpoints more extreme than hers for that matter). Wu, frighteningly, approaches ethics like a zealot rather than a responsible advocate or a scholar, let alone a journalist.


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Folks like Wu are only as powerful as you let them be. They exploit controversial issues of the time and thrive off of attention. In a few years there will be a new big issue and Wu will be forgotten about. Of course that process would be hastened considerably if people just stopped giving her attention now but that's not going to happen.

God, This whole battle of the genders debate is so miserable and pointless. I loathe talking about it because it genuinely depresses me. There's no right or wrong side, just whoever can raise their voice the loudest. No progress is being made and no one is really winning or losing. At the end of the day, it's the kind of debate that just leaves people pissed off and emotional without provoking any deeper thought in them.

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