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This is my first thread, so I apologize if this isn't fleshed out enough.

Meet Nia Fae Loy, the admin of femme4memes and the Bass player for the queer band Sweeping Exits. She lives in Portland, Oregon.



Chapter 1: The "Memes"
Nia makes SJW memes in a formant similar to translesbian memes. They mainly focus around:
Here are some more example of their "memes":
Chapter 2: Sweeping Exits
Nia is the Bassist for the band Sweeping Exits. Sweeping Exits describes themselves as a "Glam punk, queer band based off of the works of David Bowie, Nick Cave, The Cramps and The Adverts." The band consists of five members:
- Mira Glitterhound
- Logan White
- Myrrh Crow
- Shanley Narens
- And lastly, Nia.

femme4memes on Facebook
femme4memes on Instagram
Nia's Facebook page
Medium article about Sweeping Exits
Sweeping Exits Bandcamp
A YouCaring Campaign where Nia asks others to donate to fuck up her facial hair
Old MySpace account
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Nia's deadname is Connor James Loy.

As someone's who has been following them for awhile, you're going to have difficulty making a thread on him work. A previous thread about one of his meme pages has been made:
He's closed down most of his personal social media profiles since then and his pre-transition web presence isn't very large (I think there was a couple MTG posts and that's it).


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Somebody posted this picture around on Tumblr (it was also on r/cringeanarchy):

Apparently it was a picture of Logan Paul when he was emo? Except, this doesn’t look like Logan Paul. Somebody in the comment section on a Tumblr said it was a picture of femme4memes on Instagram and that it was transphobic to make fun of her appearance.
(This doesn’t look like femme4memes, either. I’m not sure who it is.)

Either way, people starting going to femme4meme’s Insta page and asking about the picture and she got pissed off and locked her account, last I saw.

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