Fertility and demographics sperging from the white genocide nutjobs thread -

I think western civilization may just deserve it's fate. Taking both extreme possible outcomes, it's either going to be remembered as a collective so stupidly arrogant it painted it's own demise as a moral virtue or the keystone and first building block of a globalized government.

And let's face it, a globalized government is the only way to tackle such massive problems as climate change. Climate change is not something most people on the planet give a shit about, even in the "educated" west, or maybe just enough to occasionaly make empty gestures and virtue signaling. If it could possibly intervene in people's comfort or, god forbid, a business's bottom line, it's going to be fought every step of the way. Even serious undertakings to curb it are a drop in the bucket. We could always hope for the holy grail of energy, some sort of clean fusion, but even then hydrocarbons aren't going to be phased out any time soon.


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everyone should have as many babies as possible so that we can finally break the back of our planets ecosystems and kick off some awesomely brutal climate wars within my lifetime
That will occur just through Africa and India having as many children as possible. Whites will just go extinct in that timeline and not in the other timelines


Eric Borsheim
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The big problem I have with this theory isn't a lack of evidence for the phenomena referenced but rather that it seems to be of very poor explanatory power. The big question is if there is a white genocide who is actually behind it? Assuming that it was performed by the Jews it raises several questions.

  • The first question is why the Jewish population (in America not Israel) is behaving in the same manner.
  • It could just be an economic phenomena but occams razor says that if that were the case a better explanation would be just to say that both population shifts are economic in origin and neither is a genocide,
  • If there is a secret second holocaust going on then it raises two questions:
  • first who is performing it,
  • second: why are the jews focusing on the white genocide rather than preventing the Jewish genocide, there is no way that they would not recognize these tactics considering that they are currently using the same tactics, If there is a secret race war then the Jews are clearly losing it because they have a small enough population that there is no way they will be able to outlive the whites in a war of attrition as the white genocide clearly is. There is almost no way that the Jews would be able to win on this one and even if they did it would likely be a very Pyrrhic victory.
  • If the Jews are being struck by a third party then it probably would be in their best interest to stop trying to defeat the white race and strike at the third party or if the third party is impossible for them to defeat engage in defensive action, maybe even pin the white genocide on the third party if it is really desperate
  • Additionally the question arises of whether there is any motive for the Jews to specifically strike at the whites as opposed to other races who are bigger threats to them (any country bordering Israel would be a much bigger threat than the USA)