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FetishesWhere do they come from? Are they harmful? Who really cares?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Vocaloid Ruby, May 22, 2017.

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    1. For the most part, I can't get myself to care what gets your pee pee wet. As long as you don't flaunt it around and shove it in my face, it doesn't bother me.

      They're are several fetishes though that are just fucking wretched and people with said fetishes should feel ashamed of themselves. Here are the 4 no-nos of fetishes. Their are more, but these are the biggest offenses in my mind.

      1.Don't play with your poop and piss during sex
      2.Don't fuck animals
      3.Don't fuck children
      4.Don't fuck corpses
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    2. For me fetishes in of themselves aren't a problem. Yeah some folks have some that are really lolcow worthy like rubber and inflation fetishes, but as long as you aren't being a sperg and going to plaster that shit all over DA and more public sites like that then you are free to do so. I am not the asshole that goes to the fetish sites and hunts shit down because I have a life and it isn't being an A-Log because one could do the same to me.

      What does cross the line however is something that involves the harm and sexual acts apawn the vulnerable and the un-consenting like children and animals or raping people.
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    3. I'm so glad I'm a normie.
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    4. Sometimes I can't go splooey unless I'm hearing Zordon-era fighting the putties music in surround sound.
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    5. I don't think most fetishes are bad as long as you don't shove it onto others, have it under control and don't be influenced by others in a negative way.

      If it's illegal, or it basically starts to consume you, get out now.
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    6. I'm gonna powerlevel a bit and say that at least for me, the theory which says that sexual preferences are formed during the years right before puberty, is the correct one.

      I used to be around older women/girls a lot, when I was 7-8-9. my cousins, my moms colleagues, random girls at the arcade and today, I can definitely say that If I had to choose myself, I would definitely prefere a woman older than me by at least 5 years, instead of a younger one or of the same age.

      Or maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm definitely grateful that I'm not a furry or a pedo. It could have been much worse, If you look at some of the lolcows in here...
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    7. Why is everyone replying to my dead thread. Your just creeping me out guys.
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    8. Tbf my fetish is when people tell me their fetishes over an internet form.
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    9. Personally, I don't give a shit about most fetishes unless they pose a threat in reality. As such, even things as weird as vore don't really bother me because it's not like you can actually swallow someone whole with your mouth, much less your anus or any other orifice. When they're doing realistic cannibalism, I draw the line though. Real kids, real animals, and real people being harmed, manipulated, abused, and anything like that and I draw the line there. There's the slippery slope of loli/shota and whether it's immoral because of the idea or because in real life children can't consent, and quite honestly it's not a battle for me to fight. Typically the more far-gone from reality your fetish is, the less I'll care about it so long as you have self awareness, a sense of humor about it, don't treat it like it's all you are (fetishes are merely a facet of you, notyour entire being) and don't harm anyone or anything.

      Where I put my foot down, like I said earlier, is places like gore, rape, and things close enough to actual CP to really disturb you to the bone. If you get off to those, you either need help or a big black dick in your ass and a shiv in the back of your neck. Especially if you act upon these things or watch real footage of them for some sort of gratification.
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    10. I don't believe in the puberty theory, I believe that fetishes are spread through exposure.

      Find one good artist drawing a degenerate fetish or see your favorite actress doing something insane and you may find yourself developing an interest in something that would have previously horrified you.

      Are they harmful? It depends on the degree to which one is interested in the fetish, whether it extends into reality or not and the fetish itself. Furry's are harmless because their fetish is solely defined to fantasy (although they can get insane surgeries and do weird harmless suit shit) but fetishes like bestiality or homosexuality are things that could be done in reality and can cause harm. Simply put, you can like representations of rape in pornography but find the act of actually doing it horrifying or vice-versa.
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    11. I want to throw my two cents into this thread.

      I have a few fetishes myself, and I have to say that there is nothing wrong with having fetishes as long as you aren't:

      - Harming/Harassing people cause of it
      - Revolving your entire identity around it
      - Exposing them to children

      Just keep fetishes as just a fantasy and you're A-Ok in my book.
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    12. Ok so I've spent years digging through fetish communities because I'm a sick motherfucker who posts it in chats with friends and shit like that because I'm a bit of a shock jocky and love the reactions. And in all this time I have yet to notice any connecting threads beyond a fetish just kind of happening.

      I myself can attest to this, I get stiffies for machines, namely aeromorphs and tanks with tiddy, I can't pinpoint anything or give an explanation as to why I find an A-10 warthog with tits boner worthy nore can I tell you why furry artists find people being blown up with bike pumps or insane amounts of jizz sexy.

      I think at a base level it stems from the same reason people find certain things aesthetically pleasing, I mean some of these fetishes are actually fucking thousands of years old, Mpreg, furry, foot fetishism, all of it has been practiced look at Nordic mythology that shits full of just as much furry mpreg shitting dick nipples as a furry fourm, so was Greek and Roman mythology, so maybe it's actually more normal than we think to be honest.

      I don't know though maybe it has something to do with how imaginative you are or IQ or something like that.
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    13. This is where it starts becoming an obsession more than just a fetish someone gets off on. It goes beyond needing that to get off, entering territory where it overtakes other aspects in life. Pretty sick shit.

      It's been said the origin of them could be due to many factors, though it's still unclear. From what many people tend to say, most appear to be acquired tastes after being exposed to them. Still, the puberty theory seems somewhat right.
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    14. At its most basic level, a fetish is a subversion of the neurological circuitry that is responsible for sexuality. Normally, the human sexual circuitry is triggered by a certain input: nudity, flirtation, and the possibility of bedding someone of the opposite sex.

      Now we have many cases where this is subverted. Homosexuality is one of the most common, which is the practice of either having one's neurological circuitry triggered by the same sex in conjunction with or to the exclusion of the opposite one. This is pretty understandable, since the circuitry that involves assigning sexual preferences to the gender archetypes is likely being developed during pregnancy and yearly years and can be influenced by in-utero exposure to hormones (for men, in-utero test exposure has a strong negative correlation with homosexuality).

      The causal mechanisms are substantially less clear than for homosexuality; but I think it's likely exposure to aberrant scenarios during the period of maximal neural plasticity (early years/adolescence) which would be the most common way to induce a novel setting of the sexual circuitry. Exposure to things in adulthood is not that uncommon, but it does require a concerted effort to overcome possible disgust responses and form the necessary psychological associations to have the fetish itself trigger arousal without concerted effort.
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    15. I've always held the belief that fetishes are generally based on some childhood/early adolescence experience.
      So heres a list of fetishes where it's possible to think why that is the case;





      But some fetishes I can't even begin to imagine how that fetish developed.

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    16. I have a few utterly harmless fetishes, and absolutely no clue how they originally came about.

      The "core" fetishes are things I was incredibly fascinated by as a kid; I can remember being about four or five, seeing certain things in pictures or movies, and being enthralled by them. They took up a niche in my imagination, and I would daydream about them, or seek out more images--there was a handful of books in my elementary-school library that I checked out over and over again, just to look at the pictures and imagine myself experiencing these things.

      And it wasn't sexual at all, because all of this started happening before I even had any awareness of, much less interest in, sex. Even when I finally did, the objects of my fascination still didn't have any sexual meaning for me--not until I was into my 20s, and able to obtain and experiment with these things, and discovered that it was pleasurable. Only then did my fetishes become incorporated into my sex life, and came to include other, corollary objects as I was exposed to them.

      So where the fuck did that initial fascination come from? I have no idea. I had a shitty childhood, but I wasn't sexually abused, and suffered no major traumas. I did have gender dysphoria in early childhood (and still do, to an extent), but realized quickly that I didn't really want to be a boy, either--neither gender, nor the rules they were expected to live by, seemed to fit. I was precocious, gifted, extremely introverted, with a hyperactive imagination, and felt like an alien who had been left on Earth without an instruction manual.

      And the objects of my fascination weren't common. They weren't to be found anywhere in my everyday life, and weren't the topic of conversation. But I can remember first seeing them in pictures (where they were presented as totally unremarkable), and having a powerful jolt of recognition--"YES. THAT! That's what I want!"--that was so strong and uncanny, I didn't dare mention it to anybody else because even my five-year-old self understood that it would be seen as weird, and probably just get me laughed at.

      That said, I have witnessed people as they developed fetishes through exposure, in adulthood. It's been over a decade since I was last in any sort of fandom, but when I was, I saw a lot of other female fans become absolutely obsessed with slash pairings, fetishizing idealized gay male sex, and they also became increasingly specific about the kinks they wanted to read about in fanfiction.

      I remember a couple of middle-aged women in particular who, by the time I noped out of fandom altogether, were writing incredibly gross and disturbing fic about their particular fetishes--fetishes I had watched them develop while in fandom, after being exposed to them via others' fanfiction. They got to the point where they couldn't even read fics that didn't pander to their fetishes because there was no sexual payoff for them, therefore it was boring. And you couldn't have a conversation with them without it turning into a smutfest, dedicated to their favorite fetishes. I can only imagine how fucked up their non-fandom lives had to be. I mean, yeah--I'm a weirdo, and thus hesitant to judge anybody else's harmless fetishes or consensual kink, but that shit was bananas.
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    17. I don't even think fetishes like that are developed, I think at that point they are just dormant, or there is the possibility that fetishes stem from some basic more primal fetish (anal oral or specific body part) and certain things further stem from that, maybe inflation has something to do with pregnancy at a base level, I would even say the above image of cock teeth actually itself has a very basic origin that we don't see because we focus to much on the shock of the fact it's cock teeth, when it's probably just a fixation on oral sex taken to the extreme, maybe this person is himself obsessed with either gaining pleasure from oral or it could be he has an obsession with blowing a fuck ton of cocks and this idea of sucking many dicks has been taken to the utmost extreme. I would say even 'normal' people have equally extreme fantasies that just sound normal because most share their sexual ideals, things like 60 year old rich men dating 20 year olds, harem fantasies, bimbos, even anal is honestly a perversion based around a taboo. I would actually to some extent say BDSM, Harem/orgy, and anal fetishes are no worse than something that we consider more extreme like furry, inflation, or other things like it because at a base level they are all a perversion of normality and all are actually rather extreme when you start to think about it.

      The real issue starts with fetishes that are sociopathic and involve actual torment and require a victim, I think those come from a different place altogether. I could be wrong though.
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    18. pls tell us wot they r so we can kinkshame u luv
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    19. Your Weird Fetish

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