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Bitch says that none of the docs she has ever seen in the past decade have mentioned her weight. She has been waiting for one of them to say something. Says the surgeon told Becky that Amber wouldn't last much longer if she doesn't lose weight. She is so happy someone finally cared enough to tell her she would die from her weight.


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  • hi guyz, hope you watched my pussy ketchup video
  • gynosurjin talked 2 becky after surgery
  • i have seen so many doctors (totally not doctor shopeen)
  • not1 of the doctors mentchuned my weight
  • i think it is importin and they are ignoring my problums
  • doctor should tell me i am big, still hulthy tho
  • surjin lectured beck-ee about hymen situation
  • surjin told beckee that if amber did not do something about her weight then she do not have much longer left
  • "I am sooper happy to hear that"
  • finally some1 cares about me!!11!!!!
  • this is first doctor who told me that fat = no good
  • aks this doctor to refer her to weight loss doctor, nutritionist, or diet lady
  • this kinda cool
  • doctor never mentioned my weight
  • i am not melkeen this whole situation!!!!!!!!!
  • i will giv updates but NOT everyday
  • expect 0, 1, 2, or 3 videos per day
  • if you care bout me, then you would watch!!!
  • you do not wanna be SOCIOPATH
  • i am easy target
  • goodbye
This whole story definitely happened, and it was not manufactured at all.


So, she's basically saying every other doctor is shit, because they didn't tell her what a uniquely obese freak she is and may die because of it?
Also, the fact that she seems delighted with this and the attention she's received for a medical emergency makes it clear she has NO intention of changing. Being obese is all she has, it gets her noticed, and so she'll be a martyr to it. She's willing to die as long as she's lavished with attention.


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  • hi guyz, hope you watched my poosee ketchup video
  • gynosurjin talked 2 beckee afterr surjeree
  • i hav sen soooo many dokters (totallee not doktor shopeen)
  • not won of de dokters mentchuned my wait
  • eye thenk it iz importin and they are ignoreen my problums
  • dokter shud tell mi i am big, still hulthy tho
  • surjin lekchured beck-ee bout hymen situashun
  • surjin told beckee that if amber did not do somethun bout her weight den she do not have much longer left
  • "I am shoooper happee to hear dat"
  • finallee some1 cares about me!!11!!!!
  • dis is first dokter who told me dat fat = no good
  • aks dis dokter to refer her to wait loss dokter, nutritshuniss, or dietchitician
  • this kinda cool
  • dokter never menchun my wait
  • i am not melkeen this hole sitchuashun!!!!!!!!!
  • i will giv updays but NOT evereeday
  • expect 0, 1, 2, or 3 videos per dey
  • if you care bout mi, then you would watch!!!
  • you do not wannabe socshiopath
  • i em easee target
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It's very sad that reading this I heard that shrill annoying voice of hers...


oh hamby. i guarantee no doctor is afraid to tell a fatass to loose weight. especially you, hamburg. im 100% you have been told to loose weight countless times.

And is she really trying to excuse her not taking her weight seriously cause a doctor supposedly didn’t tell her, and, ‘that’s what she needed’ ? 🙄 ok

also, everyone watch ambers boring updates cause if it were any other interesting you tuber you’d want updates too wouldn’t you

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I haven't watched this yet but read the most excellent recap. So... no other doctor ever mentioned her weight might be an issue? What about her moved on to greener pastures & much lamented GP who offered to let her join the practice weight loss plan or challenge or whatever that was?

This promised to be a super gas-lighty video. I can hardly wait to hear her exact wording about what the doctor allegedly told her and/or Becky about various issues.

Wonder when she found time, amidst Becky's family emergency to edit this puppy?


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I'm about to watch this, but.... wow. Two videos in under 7 hours? Both under 10 minutes? Is this helping or hurting her ad revenue? I thought videos needed to be at least 10 minutes for maximum shekels.

EDIT: People in her comments have been telling her for years that she's going to die if she doesn't lose weight. It's true no matter who tells her. She's even dumber than I thought possible if she only came to believe this because it came from the mouth of a surgeon. Honestly, I'm not sure it matters. Even if she believes it, she's not going to do anything long term about it.
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Two minutes into this video and I'm already getting a mild coronary from the bullshit she's spewing. Any licensed medical professional worth their salt would have told her first and foremost that her weight is the problem. All it took was one doctor to tell her she's on the fast track to death? Really? There's a whole legion of haydurs telling her the same shit for fucking YEARS and now the dumb bitch listens? Delusional cunt needs to unclog the orange chicken from her ears.