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This bitch is the reason why dumb warnings are printed when it seems like an obvious thing to a normal person. Let me suspend disbelief for a moment and buy that no doctor has ever said anything about her weight, but does it really need to be said? I mean... she can see herself, right?

I know her comment section probably doesn't have a lot of MDs or gynos in it, but it pretty much read "lose weight fatty" regularly?

It seems to me like deathfats suffer the most health problems when they start to lose a significant weight, probably because of the shock/stress your body is put through in dropping 70 something pounds way faster than you put it on. If any medikiwi can back me up on this that would be great.

I know for a fact that the next time Amber so much as stubs her toe walkeeeen she’s going to blame this new doctor who finally currs that he pushed her too hard and he doesn’t know her body. This cycle is tiresome, but tbh Amber begging for shekels by photographing her shit and blood bombed toilet and crying about how she’s todallee gunna die you GUISE while necky’s mom is currently actually can’t deny it’s a little more entertaining this time around.

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"I'm so disappointed that medical professionals don't care enough to state what is self-evident to anyone with eyes. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I actually DO want the brutal truth about my poor choices, even though I have summarily dismissed the same, sound advice from thousands of people online for years."

We now have a credible source! I'm sure this doctor will be happy to hear that his/her decades of intense study and practice has resulted in the ability to discern what a healthy human body should look like. As it turns out, it should NOT look like a Hefty trash bag filled with rancid jello.

Where can we find a similar expert that specializes in odor detection to let her know that she reeks of bullshit, both literally and figuratively? I mean, none of us can really speculate on that one. We can only make certain inferences, based on the size of her T-rex arms and the $5k worth of candles hoarded in her den.


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As I'm sure we can all agree that a wizard is far more valuable than a doctor and out of the goodness of my cold black heart I will give her a wizardly evaluation.

Medical: Fatter than a bridge troll and smells twice as bad.

Emotional: More self centered than an elf princess.

Intellectual: Scarecrow isn't the only one who needs a brain.

Magical: She's going to die. Quite painfully, alone, and with less than a year to go! 🥳

So in my professional opinion it's best that she goes out with a bang. Become an internet legend! We all know she can't turn this hindenburg around so why not go crazy and show us dem legs gorl!

Bitch says that none of the docs she has ever seen in the past decade have mentioned her weight. She has been waiting for one of them to say something. Says the surgeon told Becky that Amber wouldn't last much longer if she doesn't lose weight. She is so happy someone finally cared enough to tell her she would die from her weight.
It's weird because when people say that online, she calls it a death threat. Which is it amber?

Also, we know she lies, but this is just beyond. The only way that NO doctor has mentioned her weight in 10 years is if she's only gone to the ER and they're not there to do a physical. They fix the issue and move on, they assume she knows she's fat and has a doctor who tells her she's unhealthy.

Finally, why was she waiting for a doctor to tell her she's fat? Why not bring it up with her doctor. "doc, as you can see, I can't fit in the chair here, and can you help heft me up on the table? SO what I wanted to talk to you about was, well... I'm fat. I didn't mention it before, but I feel like I have to now, I'm fat and I need help with my health since all my lab results have lied and told me I was healthy"

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He took Becky to the side and told her you are going to die before too much longer if you don't lose weight because he knows that's who's bringing you all the food, dipshit. Are you going to stop having your thumb-butler bring you food? Because that's why he said that. Being 'brutally honest' to a deathfat about their impending death is like telling a chain-smoker cramming cigarettes into a tracheotomy that that's bad for them. It's a waste of breath.

ETA: Also I literally just linked this thread like 2 days ago where you broke-down cryeeen in your doctor's office when you were told all your health conditions were obesity related and you said "I'll pay for WLS right now out-of-pocket." STFU idiot :mad:
Or how about the thread where you finally tried to consult said WL surgeon and hit 'rock bottom'?
Also, fun quote from this video @ 12:06 a tearful Hamber says 'I don't know what a seatbelt feels like anymore.'
Bitch, you realize your immanent death after every health-scare from what the doctors say to you.
Go cry to someone else lol
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There are as many points in this video as there are stars in the sky so I cannot comment on all or even a fraction of them. You should not need someone to tell you that the all-encompassing distribution of yellow fat that impairs movement and jeopardizes organ function is bad for you and will be associated with how you die. That's not prejudice or lack of care. Don't blame the doctors. Thousands of people have given you tough love or some variation of harsh advice and all they ever seemed to be crowned were haters, jealous haters and trolls, all trying to start a fire or ride your coattails. Funny how she cares now. But she doesn't really.

Amberlynn is gonna be dead in 7 months. I'd put a bet on it. FINALLY someone cares? You dont work and land in a good house with roommates who tolerate your laziness, your girlfriend's mom is fucking dying and you've had the audience in THOUSANDS for years footing your lifestyle and bills. I didnt watch the whole video but I got the vibe. Every single person who tried to help or provide a service is the enemy unless they're team Amber no questions asked
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Wh'about the doctor who invited her to take part in that weight loss contest? How did that come up without taking about her weight?

I don't doubt that most doctors have not mentioned it as they are afraid of where it goes and doctors know nothing about weight loss, but it has come up. She just ignores it because Fat Ambert know what "works for [her]".

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Wow - even for Amber that was bizarre; what the hell is she on? IF one word of this outlandish account is true, (sure, Jan), her emotional response to it as she recorded that is atypical, to put it mildly & at least shows how deeply disturbed a person she is. She's almost giddy with glee about her story.

She had to "mention this , (to us), before she forgot." If it was that seminal an experience, why would she forget? Scribble it in your journal Amber & make you read it over before you launch your next verbal assault on our senses & fling more bullshit our way. Try for at least 24 hours of consistency.

If all the docs in the last 10 years didn't mention how dangerous her weight was or mention it at all & she found that so frustrating, why didn't SHE bring it up & press for a response... like she's adamant about needing her path results by the end of the week? Regardless, what could they possibly tell her that she already hadn't been told by viewers or could figure out herself? Why again, confirm to us how stupid you really are?

She can't ask a doctor if her weight might be a problem but when her referral to the weight loss surgeon was too slow for her exalted standards - she called herself. My, what a Big Girl you are! But what does it matter - you want "authoritative figures" to tell you things just so can play a 2 year old, dig in your baby soft heels & pout as you indignantly yell: You can't MAKE me!"

Your doctor had to give Becky some information & the first thing her mentions is a tissue repair that isn't done in an emergent situation for many obvious reasons? Only after he speaks of that does he bring up the weight that's going to land you in an oversized coffin?

And why would you need referrals to a dietician, nutritionist or weight loss doctor? Does it make you feel more important, vindicated that a doctor agrees with whatever notion is running through your addled mind at the time?

What about this makes it exciting - are you looking for an authoritative Daddy figure to replace the physically & emotionally absent bio-dad?

All the negative comments on your videos shows something for sure; that we're not gullible idiots.


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"The doctors ive seen in the last 10 years"

Amber states in this video that she hasn't seen a doctor in 8 years. I'm sure she went to the ER but shes had what like 4 doctors in the last 3 years all with becky? The one that moved,the WL doctor and she saw a man and a woman at the end of 2019 about her piss problem.


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I think she’s freaking out & doesn’t know what to do. So, she’s doing the only things she knows gaslighting & lying. She knew all the risks, she saw the videos those fitness guys made about her & how she wouldn’t live much longer unless she changed. She knew that this could all happen to obese people she watched MSPL she just never thought it would happen to HER!!

Chantal is going to get blood work done this week wouldn’t it be something if they both got the “Beetus” diagnosis together?? They could try to top one another with how high their glucose levels are.

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This bitch is making me MOTI. Clapping when a dr says you've eaten yourself almost to death, the ONLY REASON she is happy being called a death fat hamplanet is because it makes her situation more "urgent" to manipulate her thumb butler with, guilt her when she tries to put energy into her dying mom. Fuck her seriously.

At least the karma is going to be thousands in dr bills I guess.


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She can't ask a doctor if her weight might be a problem but when her referral to the weight loss surgeon was too slow for her exalted standards - she called herself.
Wow, and only a mere two years ago when people were telling her to see a therapist, she said her singing doctor was going to refer her to one and she was waiting for her to do that because something something muh phone anxiety.