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She has dismissed every doctor that ever mentioned her weight. If I remember well, she went to different ER on the same night because she did not like the way she was treated. They likely talked about her weight and her UTI. A while ago, she was looking for a new doctor that would think a different way about her, namely, did not talk about her weight.

If we assumed this is true, then, so what? Will she take the advice of a nutritionist or a bariatric surgeon about stopping eating fast food, avoiding buffets and removing other food products from her diet? Absolutely not. She knows what works for her.

Aside from the obvious and abundantly-mentioned obsessive need for attention, this makes me think of that annoying manipulative phase many shit kids get into when they're around 4-5 years old where they've already learned what 'right' things they can say to be 'good' but are still too damn stupid to realize that everyone in the room can clearly see what they're trying to do.
Amber tries to change the narrative in any way she can so that she's not just the victim of circumstance and everyone else's incompetence, not just absolutely blameless but also a really good girl in the most childish sense of the word. We've all probably known and hated a shit kid like that in kindergarten/elementary.
"Oh mister doctor sir all my other doctors always got everything wrong and nevur evur mentioned my obesity, and I'm hurting so much and I have multiple disorders and Beggy here can't be bothered to take care of me because of her mom dying or some shit. I'm scurred! Finally, someone who cares! Look, I'm acknowledging that you're right about my obesity by clapping and trying to act like this is a revelation for me and I'm so happy to have met you! This is not fake at all! Aren't I a great patient?!"
The 'finally, someone who cares' part just got me laughing honestly. Whether she's ignorant of how incredibly, absurdly accommodating most everyone around her is or she's just making them look bad to make herself look like more of a poor soul doesn't really matter. Right now she's hyperfocused of getting maximum pity points and convinced that her toddler-level manipulation is working on anyone, especially a doctor - you know, a medical professional who has to deal with idiots like this daily and can smell the bullshit even before it comes rolling through the door smearing blood and flesh everywhere.

In a video or two, she'll turn on that doctor and will be telling us all the ways he is horrible and his instructions aren't for her. They don't work, he's incompetent. She's tried everything for half a day, doesn't work, it's a scam. Becky's not doing her job properly. Eric and Ricky aren't kneeling by her side, waiting to cater to the dying primadonna's wishes. Norma has the nerve to try and hog all the sympathy points. It's raining, she's scared/It's sunny, she's depressed 'cause evil doctor had ordered bed rest. Etc. etc. She never hesitated to throw anyone under the bus for a momentary delusion of being the victim/morally superior. No one has Amber's loyalty but Amber, never has.
That's one of the reasons that make her so insufferable for me and why I don't really care if by the end of the year we'll be watching the residents of TardHouse trying to solve the logistical/monetary nightmare of disposing of a 700-pound corpse but the atmosphere in the room also somehow being much less toxic despite all of them totally super grieving.
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Her eyes were darting all over the place in this video.
Because she's lying.

I guarantee any doctor she's seen in the last 10 years has not said something about her weight. I absolutely refuse to believe that. Doctors mention losing weight to people that weigh 400 lbs less than AL, they mention it to patients over 200+ lbs that they should lose weight. On the very, very slim chance that a dr hasn't mentioned her weight, did she think her weight would not effect her lifespan? That she'd live forever, because she's so healthy?

Because she's lying.

I guarantee any doctor she's seen in the last 10 years has not said something about her weight. I absolutely refuse to believe that. Doctors mention losing weight to people that weigh 400 lbs less than AL, they mention it to patients over 200+ lbs that they should lose weight. On the very, very slim chance that a dr hasn't mentioned her weight, did she think her weight would not effect her lifespan? That she'd live forever, because she's so healthy?
She had a video last year where she was crying about something (forgot what) and she mentioned how she wanted to buy a house. So, yeah, she seriously thinks that she'll reach the same age as everyone else

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This bitch is making me MOTI. Clapping when a dr says you've eaten yourself almost to death, the ONLY REASON she is happy being called a death fat hamplanet is because it makes her situation more "urgent" to manipulate her thumb butler with, guilt her when she tries to put energy into her dying mom. Fuck her seriously.

At least the karma is going to be thousands in dr bills I guess.
making people MOTI is ambers MO, its exactly what she wants because it drives traffic to her channel. It's getting really tired, people need to just stop watching completely so we could get some really desperate content


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what if other doctors did say something to Becky but Becky was afraid to tell AL? or was just waiting for her to die to get the money, in that case, there won't be any since it's all going to medical bills. Becky needs to get AL on health insurance.
Becky isn't going to do anything and neither is Fatty. Nothing smart that is.
Becky has the sense of a rock and so does fatty in a narc way though.
I'm at the point I could care less if lardass falls into a pit.
She's too narcissistic and toxic to add anything good to the world. Except entertainment freakshows.
No I doubt other doctors have pulled Becky aside. It was only because fatty was in the stirrups and Becky was next of kin. And I don't think Becky is smart enough to think ahead.

She's never had other procedures like that where she would be unavailable to speak to her doctor.

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I know her comment section probably doesn't have a lot of MDs or gynos in it, but it pretty much read "lose weight fatty" regularly?
There were a shitload of RNs in her comments the other day, though, along with women who had D&Cs, C-sections, etc. I think all but one told her to stop whining about it.

Finally, why was she waiting for a doctor to tell her she's fat? Why not bring it up with her doctor. "doc, as you can see, I can't fit in the chair here, and can you help heft me up on the table? SO what I wanted to talk to you about was, well... I'm fat. I didn't mention it before, but I feel like I have to now, I'm fat and I need help with my health since all my lab results have lied and told me I was healthy"
That would be a question a reasonable person would ask - both you and the hypothetical patient.

Exactly 'splitting' this girl has Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder - I give it 2 weeks after her seeing her gyno before she claims that he does not know what he is talking about
I'm going to go with a max of 48 hours, because she will be uncomfortable and embarrassed and will never go back for any regular checkups.

It will never, ever happen, but could you imagine if Becky broke up with her right now? If the doctor somehow hit the guilt right and she decided to peace out and go be with her family instead? I'm not delusional, I know it would never happen, but if she were to say 'I don't want you to die, you need to hep yourself and I can't function as part of that with everything else going on with my family right now'.

God damn, it would be glorious.
She'd be fine, she can step on a treadmill and everything. Realistically though, in the nanoscopic chance that happens, she actually would be fine because I'm sure the house bitch boys would be agreeable to letting HymenLynn stay, and even fetch her the supply of lard and salt she requires to MaintainLynn.. as long as she pays for all the food and rent and stays quarantined to her mattress. As for her bathroom needs I'm sure they'd be perfectly fine with pretending she is capable of using the toilet by herself when really she's just going to just go on the mattress until soak capacity

She also has the Dynamic Dyke Duo whose rent she also pays.. and can be bribed with the occasional deodorant stick and a box of Torrid shirt/dresses to adorn the fridge Destiny humps at night

How do you go from saying you're sick of doctors tying everything to your weight and being invited to a weight loss challenge, to saying they never bring it up? Statistically, the number of people in the world over 500, 600lbs is .000 what? Almost no one (mathematically, not actually..of course we know there are people who make it to that size, MSHPL is evidence of that) is that size, even people who eat crap and barely move manage to stay below those weights. If it's that easy to get that big, then why is it relatively so rare? If almost everyone on earth can stay sub 500, 600lbs, why does she think she knows better than everyone else? She still somehow thinks her way of thinking of food, measuring calories, determining portion size is correct, despite years of people telling her that she's wrong. That's a special type of narcissism. They convince themselves they're not subject to the same laws of nature, that calories and portions work in a very, special, unique way particularly for them. Dr. Now deals with this all of the time. He's wrong, their big boned and most of what he's seeing is water weight, he just doesn't understand.

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This may not belong here, but I think it's very relevant to this thread specifically. Kate is BACK AT IT AGAIN, disproving the "this is the first time a doctor has cared to mention my weight" and exact dates are thankfully inserted. Once again, Amber is a LAH.