Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread -

What's your favourite Chris excuse for wanting money?

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Actually, just to annoy @Marvin and @The Captain I'm going start up a theory that Barb actually IS Chris's grandmother and Chris's real mother is actually Coles teenage girlfriend who gave Chris up to the chandlers to raise as their son. He met her once.

Her name is Jennifer Rouche...
Chris' birth certificate will be elusive just like the mythical autism papers.


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Not gonna lie this shit with Barb is genuinely some of the most fucked up shit Chris has done in years. Every video he makes forcing her to read his stupid plugs makes me uncomfortable and now he's making her "sign" an object of her ridicule for monetary gain.
Barb is doing it for the payday. She would tell Chris to eat his food and quit bothering her if she wasn't getting something out of it.
It wasn't that long ago that Chris would get pissy if someone mentioned Snorlax. I guess when the almighty dollar is at stake nothing is sacred.
Did he get pissy for people talking about snorlax? I can't remember him ever doing that. Maybe a handful of times over the course of a decade?


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I buy all my homegoods at discount stores like Burlington Coat factory and Marshalls... is $100 a reasonable price for a used blankey?


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Don't fucking help them.

I'm sorry, Chris is an awful seller his sub 90% and doxing let us know. Barb is more than willing to lie and play the old lady victim card to get the hoard to grow.

It's also the 23rd, you can make it on sub 20 bucks if you stock up on beans and rice.

Also while I wasn't trying to be a loggy, it's just real giving them money doesn't help them, they waste it. Hoarding is an addiction like crack. We know the newest As seen on TV thing will show up at their door and then "please buy X to keep out lights on" vid.

All while Chris hasn't shipped an item out people paid for.

Also we know how dirty they are as a household. I really don't want neglected cat pee, old lady smell and ... what ever oder OPL omits on a blanket that I dropped a c note for. 100 bucks gets you an amazing balls down comforter. The fact it was farted on by a man child doesn't seem like a reason to up the price that new would cost.

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Lots of Funko pops in the background in this shot. I like how there's a tower of them next to Barb... really highlights the impulsive spending.

Also, Chris has a drawing of himself with Bob-chu in his room.

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I hope this moment is portrayed in the Lifetime movie. I will def remember this scene.