Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread -

What's your favourite Chris excuse for wanting money?

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The Dude

Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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Nurse Ratchet

There may be a toad in your bass guitar..
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I mean... You could give the money you give to Chris to starving African children. But they’re not nearly as funny as Chris so....
Except he isn't funny at all when he's given money. @LoveYouLongTime is the one with the raddest posts about this topic, I believe. So I won't bother trying to improve on perfection, but I think her take is that the best you get out of him since he realized he can scream on the internet & make Lego magically appear are the chimpouts he has when his gibs-demands aren't met fast enough to suit him. And even those aren't that funny.

I guess in the end, at least I can always feel good that these internet mongoloids like Chris & DSP will never sustain themselves on my dime, unless you count negative attention.


Wear your shirt inwards out

Muscle Bra

I passed high scholl bitch!
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Some fool tried to commission Chris for an art piece. Of course, Chris is delayed on it.
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What a complete and total mongoloid: “Hey, the artwork you promised me is late and I haven’t even heard from you but if you still give it to me, I’ll pay you extra.”

I know Chris is Chris and anyone who deals with him shouldn’t be expecting Picasso-quality art but these idiots who don’t hold him to his delivery dates are just reinforcing Chris’s belief that he can do what he wants without fear of repercussion.