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What's your favourite Chris excuse for wanting money?

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To further elaborate on my previous post (since I now have time to do so).

If Chris made that $2,265 purely off of Ebay using Paypal...

Paypal holds a 3% "sale of goods" fee for selling on Ebay. That $2,265 reflected on Ebay means he will only get $2,197.05 (this amount does NOT include shipping fees he charges his buyers, which in turn means he payed MORE paypal fees then this number suggests).

Proof that Chris doesn't know how to save money on shipping is further proven here in my old ass Thread.

He is in fact still on the hook for the total sale of Ebay Seller fees that I previously posted upon (9%-10%), even though his cash in pocket, is lower then what is publicly known.

Chris SOLD $2,265 in merch, he actually MADE $2,197.05, and he still owes an estimated $225 in Ebay fees = $1972

TL;DR, He walks away with $1972 in reality, NOT including shipping costs which makes his profit even lower.
Jesus Christ who painted your bathroom
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Nurse Ratchet

So you got.. caught with a flat? Well..
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What the fucking shit?? That was horrible first thing in the morning.

You may want to Spoiler tag that action, my dude. I nearly choked on my bubble gum in terror. :(

New begging video, barbs got that thousand yard stare going on still, basically a talking puppet now it seems

And you, you deadeyed slag, say "please" without having to be prompted.

Btw, your answers are both a firm "Nope."
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