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In some dialects of China, such as Mandarin, the word for "cat" is a near homophone of an archaic word for "octogenarian", so figurines and paintings of cats were popular birthday presents. Qing dynasty painter Shen Zhenlin, during his tenure as the Court Painter, had produced a large number of such works, many of them are now housed in the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. Through the use of gold and reflective mineral pigments on a dark background, Shen produced scenes of exquisite contrast and liveliness.




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I have a soft spot for Edouard Cortes as of late. His life paintings are beautiful and calming. His focus is not so much in line, but color and shapes. Just lovely to look at.
Ahhh Cortes is amazing, when I discovered him I became mildly obsessed over the depth and presence he was able to give these genre pictures. There is usually so little to appreciate in this form because it's all much the same - rushed, and uses impressionism as a tool for obscuring the need to render detail rather than any reasons of style, but Cortes's technique is so far above this. He abstracts only where there is not a need for detail, and where there is, he renders it with a directness that goes beyond how minimal his brushstrokes are. Eugene Galien-Laloue is another in this mould if you have an interest. He's primarily a watercolourist, but was able to detail his images in a similar fashion.





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My favourites are Alfons Mucha and Jacek Malczewski.

When you think of Mucha, his famous graphics for commercials are the first thought, but I actually prefer his sketches and oil paintings:

Love the linework, especially hair!

Call Mucha overrated, but I think there is a reason why he is so influential and famous. His art is just so aestheticaly pleasing.

Jacek Malczewski is Polish artist from the same peroid of time. I love own world he creates in his paiting. And he was crazily productive (there are rumors he could finish pretty realistic oil painting in one day)

He is also absolute master in use of colour and shading for me.
Too much greatness to link so here is wikimedia page.

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Okay, I'll weigh in. I have fairly conventional tastes in art. I like Dali, but don't really get it. Can't stand Picasso, prefer Goya. I like Breughel and Bosch, but would never hang a print of theirs in my home. I love Jacques Louis David, but mostly for the historical aspect. Yes, I have a copy of Napoleon crossing the Alps, even though I consider it detestably bourgeois to hang it. I also love Paul Klee, and have this one in my house:
Favorite museum ever: the Prado. (Of course.) Everything else in my home are unknown Caribbean artists. I'm a sucker for street art and cafe vendors.

As a former photographer (got bored after we stopped using film and darkrooms) my personal favorite is Clyde Butcher. It just doesn't get much better for me. I don't know if he's very well known or not. For anyone interested:

For human subjects, the psycho guys (and girl) who worked Vietnam like Tim Page, Sean Flynn, Larry Burrows and Dickey Chappelle brought back some of the most impressive and emotional photos ever. Two died and all wounded getting them.
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Usually the pastel pop art stuff isn't my thing, but Wayne Thiebaud is appealing to me lately. I don't understand how he's pulling off these dramatic forms and making the large, monotonous surfaces so interesting. Impasto techniques aside, a big part of it is probably just the practiced application of contrasting colors and values. The paintings look realistic, but the colors seem to be popping out of nowhere. I'd be super grateful to anyone who can figure out his palette.


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I fell in love with Mucha's painterly style after he moved forward from his younger Art Novean. It quite sad that not many people know him for his slav epic and now he's just remembered for some good but overused commercials at the time. Defiantly very admirable for his pursuit of the Slav epic when he was attack from both nationalists and communists.

I'm also a big fan of Norman Rockwell; really love his ability to capture expressions and atmosphere with in a picture


And really love his presidential portraits and works depicting themes of and defending human rights


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As an on-off ukiyo-e/woodblock print collector, Hasui Kawase is one of my favorites and the best known of the shin-hanga style artists from the early-mid 20th century.
Very vibrant pictures compared to the more famous artists from that genre like Hokusai and Hiroshige from the mid-19th century, clear lines on a lot of his pictures. Very nice landscapes.
Testaments of its time and a more westernized japan with power lines and electric lanterns or western style bridges appearing in some of his pictures (which obviously didn't exist back when Hokusai or Hiroshige were active)

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Shao'ang Zhao was a prolific painter of wildlife whose career spanned much of the 20th century. His landscapes are competent and stylistically similar to Fu Baoshi, but he is best-known for his expressive and virtuoso paintings of flowers, birds, and small animals reproduced with a casual precision and economy of means that is enough to induce hopeless depression into any dabbler of the medium.





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These are all really badly presentation wise, lack of sleep over three nights means I don't have the ability or patience to do a good job with my screenshots at the moment.
But thought I should share the love



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