Fire Emblem: Heroes - "Well, Pokemon GO died pretty quick. Let's try the other stupidly popular franchise."

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Alright, you motherfuckers. Since we're returned, I thought we should return to the Gaming topic with something near and dear to my heart.

More fucking mobile ports of Nintendo games.

... Yes, high quality here.

Alright, since I'm sure 99% of you no longer play Pokemon GO, Nintendo decided they would try and make their own mobile games. There's Super Mario Run but that's boring and doesn't involve throwing as much money away as this.

So, Fire Emblem: Heroes. For the uninformed, Fire Emblem is a strategy game where a bunch of children go around beating the fuck out of professional armies, assassins, dragons, and God using the power of friendship. Hey, it's from Japan. What do you expect?

(Yes the plot is more complicated and mature depending on what installation of the franchise you're referring to. No one cares.)

Since Nintendo looked back on the 14 games in the franchise and realized "Hey, there's a lot of people running around calling Sakura or Kagero or Elise or whatever their waifu or something. Let's profit off of these idiots and make a game where you can spend money in a vain attempt to get a unit of them." And thus, we got our Fire Emblem gacha, Fire Emblem: Heroes, where you throw a bunch of money to get garbage and possibly the one unit you actually want. (haha no)

... Alright, it's a lot better than that, and quite honestly I've had quite a bit of fun with it. If you're a fan of strategy games, quick, 5 minute sessions, and Fire Emblem in general, I'd at least recommend picking it up. You can get 20 orbs (the minimum for summoning 5 heroes straight off the bat) from doing the Prologue and picking up the free orb bonuses from its launch currently going on, and most units you summon will get you through the early part. It's hardly Pay-to-Win, unless you get to the high levels of Arena where Takumi and Hector eagerly await to smash your face in and ruin your streak.

Who here's playing it? Who here's already spent thousands of dollars on a bunch of waifus and made a terrible decision with their life? Who here has Takumi and is the bane of all Arena players everywhere.

(Love my Takumi btw.)


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I've been spending all of my orbs and I still don't have either Lyn or Hector. I'm not gonna pay for them.

I do like seeing characters from games I haven't played yet though.
I can't get Lyn either. I've done all the chapters on normal and hard and the first couple on lunatic so I'm getting low on orbs now. Soon they'll be a trickle.
The game should give you a free roll or something once in a while, 2 orbs as daily login bonus is pretty cheap even for mobage.

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Advance Wars Day of Ruin, unfortunately, did horrifically badly, and killed the franchise. Fire Emblem faced the same problem, but yeah, they had Awakening, which did well.
So the best way to save Advance Wars is to throw waifus at it.

Quick, someone revive the original AW cast!

(Did I mention that Olivia can go fuck herself? Because yeah, Olivia can go fuck herself.)

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So I found out that you can run the APK fine on older versions if you can just download it, but Google Play won't let you for some stupid reason. But I eventually found a direct download for it.

Aaaaaand it's Babby's First Fire Emblem™.

I can't say I'm that disappointed about it though, because I wasn't expecting much different.
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FE Heroes new event and update.

The twincest couple and Seliph/Julia are the new heroes to maybe summon, and new quests. All other heroes stay the same, though.

The first paralogue campaign is added as well.

Patch notes are as follows:

App launch bonus extended to 14/3/17
Worldwide launch celebration extended indefinitely
Rewards being added to the Training Tower from 20/2/17
Early March: Units will gain EXP from attacking/defeating units 5 levels lower than themselves.
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but nothing happened!
God I just want Leo and Merric.
Give me my magic users. Robin and Clarine are my only viable ones right now.


I got my 4th 5 star today, so my current team is Lucina, Peri, Camilla and Eirika. I would like to have more older characters but I guess they have to push the most popular ones.

Now that I'm getting close to 20k feathers I'm trying to decide who I should rank up to 5 stars.
I'm leaning towards Florina because she's one of my favourite characters and has a good ability set with some passive group healing, but maybe I should rank up someone tankier like Cain or Gwendolyn.
Or I could upgrade Cecillia because she has a weapon advantage against uncoloured units.
Raven is pretty tempting too.
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It's time for assembly...FROM HELL!!!
Managed to get Ephraim. He's sweeeet! Once I get him high enough I'll consider putting him on my A-Team (which for now is Chrom, Olivia, Gunter, and Subaki). I want to get Ericka though! Don't skimp on me dammit!

Which reminds me, I need to resume progress on Sacred Stones.


It's not bad, but pretty much plays the the exact same way as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which I eventually got tired of.