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alright. fallen heroes banner has come. i got fallen mareeta (+hp -res) and fallen tiki (-atk +spd. pretty good.

and i got pitybroken by mordecai. atleast i can merge him to my better one and get rid of his HP flaw

also. they released the event schedule to the public



but nothing happened!
Spent a cool 150-ish orbs + the FB tickets and came out with a ton of 5*, I've never been this lucky on a banner before. I'll be hard skipping the new brides though since I got Ninian last year and I highly doubt my favorite lady will get a bride alt, so it's time to save again until the next new heroes banner.
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With this I just need Berkut and I'll be happy, got Corrin which was meh (but she's great) and I don't care about evil sword lady. I love that they made Berkut's fucking dead flaming girlfriend part of his portrait. Haven't cared much for the recent Fire Emblems but SoV was a favorite of mine.


bridal banner is here.

Tanith (Lance Flier) from path of radiance and radiant dawn. she is the deputy commander of begnion's royal guard and is very loyal to sanaki.

Sigrun (Sword Flier) from path of radiance and radiant dawn. she is the commander of begnion's royal guard and is loyal to sanaki.

Pent (Blue Tome Cavalry) from The Blazing Blade. he is a student of Athos. he is also Louise's Husband and Klein and Clarine's Father.

Fjorm (Staff Flier) from Heroes.

and the TT reward is Louise (Bow Cavalry) from The Blazing Blade. she is Pent's wife and the mother of klein and clarine.
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Shame, I don't really know who any of them are except for Fjorm. Then again, I don't exactly sit around thinking about which anime girls I want to see in wedding dresses.


alright. the tempest trial is announced to start on the 25th.

the bonus units are this year's bridal heroes and last years as well.

the unit reward is bridal Louise.

and the seal rewards are sp/res, Renewal, and Brazen Atk/Spd

really good seals. i need brazen atk spd for celica and renewal for brave celica.

IV 445

Ok these are some WEIRD ass stats.

Got Louise (love FE7) and used crystals to level up her 4 star, upgrade it, then merge the 5 stars together blah blah blah

But look at this attack rating:


Man I consider 50 to be my median attack rating, but 39? Not even Luna can be useful with that. What am I supposed to do with this lmao
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Change her bow. You are running her 4* version.

She's still an inferior Brave Lyn.


the mythic hero has been revealed.

it is Naga (Blue Dragon Flier) from mystery of the emblem, genealogy of the holy war, and awakening.

Naga is the queen and goddess of the dragons in the fire emblem series, she was pretty much the influence of the stories. she sent mila and duma to valentia where they would make their own kingdoms. she was also the influence in banishing dark dragons of her kind such as Medeus in arcanaea and Loptous in jugdral.
she also created divine weapons that were known to slay even the strongest of dragon gods.
Falchion, used by marth, alm, chrom, and lucina, was forged from one of her fangs.
and she made the book of Naga for Heim in jugdral from their blood bond, and it was passed down to his decendants Deirdre and her Daughter Julia.

looking at her skills, especially her weapon and c skill, this makes naga the ULTIMATE dragon killer!

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God it would be great if Lyon/Fomortiis was the dark Mythic Hero. I'm sure it will be Grima though. I'm kind of amazed Medeus isn't in yet, though I'm not sure if he'd be a "God" type character or just a regular dragon.

Most of all I'm sure that we'll get a thousand more costumes of characters we already have several alternate versions of before we get any meaningful new characters. Rest in fucking peace Magvel and Tellius. At least Jugdral is getting some love lately.

If I pull another fucking Fates ninja while trying to get Loki I'm going to scream. I never played Fire Emblem: Even More Weeb Than Usual Edition but holy fucking Christ how many ninjas were there?!
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Still tired of this shit but slightly less so
Naga’s kinda shit tbh

You have to build teams around her because of her weapon effect and her C skill loses its usefulness when your enemies don’t have any dragons

Also her Abyssal was easy, especially because I didn’t need to run a single dragon

looking at her skills, especially her weapon and c skill, this makes naga the ULTIMATE dragon killer!
I think Legendary Marth still holds that title, since Naga doesn’t have binding shield

K bai, back to my vacation, I’m gonna be waiting for three houses now


more new weapons and refines for the next update.

Elincia's Amiti is getting a refine.

saizo is getting a new weapon. Saizo's Star

kagero is getting a new weapon. Kagero's Dart

and Oscar is getting a new weapon. Loyal Greatlance


the new heroes banner

characters from fire emblem awakening

Kjelle (lance armor) she is Sully's daughter.

Brady (Staff Infantry) he is Maribelle's son

Nah (red dragon infantry) she is nowi's daughter

and Yarne (green beast cavalry) he is panne's son.

and the GHB is cynthia (lance flier) she is Sumia's daughter


also guys. the update has come today.

the feh channel to know what was added and what will be added in the future.

a new gamemode coming. Rokkr sieges.

the update:

concert hall was added to aether resorts.

picnic leo (he has distant def) and haar (he has odd def wave) were added to heroic grails.

the hero merit limit has been raised from 5000 to 6000

and the new weapons were added.

Elincia's Amiti refine is swift sparrow.

elincia is from path of radiance and Radiant Dawn. she is the princess and later queen of Crimea.

Oscar's Loyal Greatlance is a slaying lance. refine is, Grants Atk/Spd +3 to infantry and cavalry allies within 2 spaces during combat. If unit is within 2 spaces of an infantry or cavalry ally, grants Atk/Spd +3 during combat /

Oscar is from path of radiance and radiant dawn. he is a Crimean Knight and member of the greil mercenaries. he is boyd and rolf's older brother and the oldest of the three.

Saizo's Star is a smoke dagger. refine is an effect like gunnthra's blizzard tome. grants bonus to atk/spd/def/res during combat = current penalty on each stat bonus independently.

Saizo is from fire emblem fates. he is a serious ninja from hoshido and the older brother of kaze and one of Ryoma's retainers.

Kagero's Dart is a new effect. at start of combat, if unit's ak > foe's atk, grants Atk/Spd +4 during combat.

Effect Dagger 7
after combat, if unit attacked, inflicts def/res -7 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions.
refine effect: if unit initiates combat, reduces damage from foe's first attack by 50%

kagero is from fire emblem fates. she is an honerable ninja from hoshido and one of ryoma's retainers.

so @Hortator and @Chin of Campbell what are your thoughts?

and @X-Shaped Weeaboo we finally got dagger refines after awhile. what are your thoughts on saizo's star and kagero's dart?
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Saizo is a goddamned beast now.

lol @ Kagero
well her weapon can be worked with. since her weapon gives her more atk and spd if she has higher atk than her foe and her refine makes her receive reduced damage from foe's first attack if she initiates combat, its best to give her an asset in atk and the best A skill to give her is death blow or sturdy impact since she is stronger in player phase.


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What about Brazen atk/spd? With her damage reduction she could easily survive retals to get in to range, +14 atk/spd, 4 more for her weapon puts her at 56/46 with A slot and seal?

god she feels so mediocre.


ok guys. the legendary hero has been revealed.

Eliwood from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. he is one of the three main protagonists of the blazing blade alongside lyn and hector. he is the marquess of Pherae and the wielder of Durandal, the sword of his ancestor, Roland. he is also the father of Roy.

we now have all three protagonists from the blazing blade as legendary heroes!