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new banner. the halloween banner.

Ilyana (Blue Tome Armor) from path of radiance and radiant dawn. she is a mage that was traveling with a group of merchants but was found by daein soldiers and forced into fighting the greil mercenaries. Ike was able to convince her to join his group when he told her that the merchant group she was with is traveling with him now.

L'arachel (Green Tome Cavalry) from Sacred Stones. she is the princess of Rausten and the wielder of her kingdom's treasures, Ivaldi and Latona. she has a strong sense of justice.

Dozla (Colorless Dagger infantry) from Sacred Stones. he is one of L'arachel's retainers.

Hector and LIlina (paired up Sword Armor) from Blazing Blade and Binding blade.

and the tempest trial reward unit is Rolf (Colorless bow cavalry) from path of radiance and radiant dawn. he is Oscar and Boyd's younger brother and a member of the greil mercenaries.

tempest trial seal rewards are chill def, defiant atk, and swift stance.

new update:

the new weapons and refines


Lute's weirding tome has changed to sabotage spd/res and refine is a foe debuff bonus.

Lute is from Sacred Stones. she is a mage from Za'ha woods who believes herself to be a prodigy. she is a childhood friend of Artur. Lute and Artur join Eirika's army after she helped them fend off monsters in the Za'ha woods.

Hawkeye's guardian axe is a slaying axe and refine is lull atk/def

Hawkeye is from The Blazing Blade. he is a Guardian of Arcadia who joined eliwood, hector, and lyn's army at Athos' request. he also raised Fae and Sophia. in the binding blade, he has passed away and passed his duty as guardian to his daughter, Igrene.

Frederick's Axe is an armorslaying axe and refine is death blow. that means one shot builds.

Frederick is from awakening. he is a knight of Ylisse and is very loyal to Chrom, Lissa, and Emmeryn and is very protective of them.

and Virion's Dignified Bow has sudden panic. and refine is like deirdre and brave lyns's refine but needs more HP than foe.

Virion is from Awakening. he is the duke of Rosanne from Valm and cherche's master. when Walhart invaded his land, he fled for his life and made it to Ylisse where he helps chrom along with sully fend off attacking Risen and joins the shepherds.

death knight and sigrun are added to heroic grails

more aether resort songs.

you can now grow crops and dragonflowers in aether resort. make nice dishes in the dining hall to get feathers.

also, new gamemode, hall of forms.

good update.
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I'd rather not talk about it
Man Virion made out like a bandit. The skill is almost perfect for him, considering he has a monstrous HP pool. A +10 Virion with an HP boon has 53 HP and can be boosted further with HP seals and blessings. His stats are still shit, but at least he's found a niche. Lute and Hawkeye's refines are...interesting. Not turning any heads but they're cool. Frederick's on the other hand is so painfully boring. Don't most Frederick's use a Brave Axe anyways?


so i got l'arachel and hector and lilina on the banner from free summons and i got a +spd amelia from her banner. life is good. :biggrin:

also. today it's 5x sp and exp. it will revert back to 2x on the 14th and later change back to 5x on the 19th and revert back to 2x again on the 21st


guys. next heroes added. from Fire Emblem Gaiden/ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Forsyth (Lance Armor) he is a determined knight and a member of the Deliverance and a close friend of Python. he is in possession of the Sol Lance. one of Valentia's Three Regalia

Python (Green Bow Cavalry) he is a tired and lazy archer and member of the Deliverance and a close friend of Forsyth.

Silque (Staff Infantry) she is a priest who grew up at the priory on novis island with celica, mae, boey, and genny. she was sent to ram village to give alm one of Mila's Turnwheels but was captured by bandits. thankfully, she was saved by alm, lukas, gray, tobin, faye, and kliff and she joins Alm's group.

and Catria (Sword Flier) she is palla and est's sister and the middle sister of the whitwings who serve minerva from macedon. after the war in Archanea (Shadow Dragon), est was captured by bandits and taken to valentia to be sold for slavery by Grieth. palla and catria chased after them and Celica was able to help them save Est and they join Celica's group. Catria is in possession of the Astra Sword, one of Valentia's Three Regalia.

a unit has been immediately added to the 3/4* pool. its Valbar (Lance Armor) he is a knight of Zofia and a close friend of Leon and Kamui. after his entire family was killed by the pirate barth, he swore revenge on him and went to barth's island with leon and kamui to kill barth. Celica, who happened to be sailing by, helped them kill barth and valber, leon, and kamui join celica's group in gratitude.

and the GHB will be Conrad (Lance Cavalry). he was originally an unknown masked knight who has saved celica several times. he is later on revealed to be Celica's lost step brother, who was thought to be dead, but was taken to and raised in the sage's hamlet in Rigel.

we got another 6 units.


hey guys. so the new legendary hero

Leif (Colorless bow Cavalry) he is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Thracia 776 and another protagonist in genealogy of the holy war. he is the son and second child of Quan and Ethlyn and Altena's younger brother and Seliph's cousin. after his parents were killed and altena and the Gae Bolg taken by Travant in the Yied Massacre, Finn took leif from leonster and went into hiding with him and Nanna. he later rose and began liberating parts of leonster and thracia and defeated Raydrik. in the events of genealogy of the holy war,, he, nanna, and finn were able to later meet up with seliph and his army and liberate the rest of thracia and leonster. he then later found Altena and revealed the truth to her about what travant did. Leif later fought Travant and avenged his parents. after Seliph defeated Julius and Loptous, Leif became the New king of the unified kingdom of Thracia with nanna as his queen.

and new weapons coming. Concealed Blade for Athena, Golden Naginata for Subaki, Renowned Bow for Gordin, and Sun Dragonstone for Female Kana.

IS is now beginning to give new weapons to book 2 units
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new heroes. from sacred stones.

Tethys (Colorless Dagger Infantry) She is a dancer of Jehanna and member of Gerik's Mercenaries. she is the older sister of Ewan.

Gerik (Axe Infantry) he is the leader of his mercenary group and worked with marisa.

Ewan (Red Tome Infantry) he is a young mage from jehanna and a member of Gerik's mercenaries. he is the younger brother of Tethhys.

and Ephraim and Lyon (Lance Infantry Duo).

the unit added to the 3/4* pool is Ross. he is a young kid from Renais who joins Eirika's group with his father Garcia.

and the GHB is Cormag (Lance Flier). he is a wyvern rider of Grado and the younger brother of The Sunstone, Glen. after his brother was betrayed and killed by Valter, he hunted down Ephraim and Eirika to avenge him, but learned the truth from them and joined their cause.

the final chapter in book 3 is added. a showdown with Hel.

New Weapons and Refines


Athena is from New Mystery of the Emblem. she is a mercenary of archanea.

Gordin is from Mystery of the Emblem. he is a loyal archer to marth and a close friend of Draug and Norne. he has a younger brother named Ryan

Subaki is from fates. he is a pegasus knight of Hoshido who believes he himself is perfect. he is one of Sakura's retainers.

Kana is from fates. she is M Corrin's Daughter.

Astram and Rinea are added to the herooic grails.

good update.
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guys. i have not posted in awhile but thye added a bunch of greatr units like altina as a mythical hero. shes from path of radiance and radiant dawn lore. she is the first spostle of begnion and micaiah and sanaki's ancestor. she is the first wielder of the twin swords, Ragnell and Alondite.

and the recent legendary hero was celica. she is in her regain overclass like legendary alm.

new weapons are coming.

Cordelia's Lance for Cordelia,
Rebecca's Bow for Rebecca
Corvus Tome for Henry
and Leif's Light Brand will get a refine.

anyway. new heroes are revealed last night. from genealogy of the holy war gen 2.

Shannan (Sword Infantry) he is the prince of issach and ayra's nephew and larcei and ulster's cousin. he is the heir and wielder of his father's sword Balmung. one of the 12 legendary crusader weapons. he was rescued by sigurd in gen 1 and convinced ayra to join sigurd in gratitude.

Altena (lance wyvern flier) she is Quan and ethlyn's first child and Leif's older sister and seliph's cousin and the heir to her father's lance, the Gae Bolg. after her parents were killed by Travant in the Yied Massacre, Travant found altena when she was a baby and took her in when he found out that killing them was a mistake and raised her so he can use her father's lance, the gae bolg, as she is the only one who can use it. she has her retainer Ada from thracia 776 who is devoted to her. when seliph and leif went after travant, she encountered leif and realized the truth from him and joined their cause. she is in love with Travant's son, Arion.

Ced (Green Mage Infantry) he is the prince of Sileese, Lewyn and Eris' son and fee's older brother and the heir to his father's tome, forseti.

and Larcei (Sword infantry) she is ayra's daughter, ulster's younger sister, and shannan's cousin.

and the GHB will be Travant (Lance wyvern flier) he is the king of Thracia and the father of Arion and the wielder of the Gungnir, one of the 12 legendary crusader weapons. he caused the Yied massacre and killed quan and ethlyn. he later realized his mistake and took altena in out of feelings for ethlyn. in gen 2, he has been attempting to get his kingdom back from Bloom on several occassions as he was a king who cared about his kingdom and people and would sacrifice anything and anyone for their safety. he later fought Leif and Finn after altena found out the truth and fell in battle to them, but not before passing the Gungnir onto his son Arion.

its later implioed in thracia 776 that he was tricked by Manfroy and Veld into causing the yied massacre to get rid of quan and ethlyn.

there are no units being added to the 3/4* pool. what a shame. i was hoping it would be maybe ulster, oifey, or fee.
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the update has landed

new refines and weapons for leif, cordelia, henry and rebecca.

Henry is from fire emblem awakening. he is a dark mage from Plegia who loves animals and also enjoys killing.

Cordelia is from fire emblem awakening. she is a pegasus knight of Ylisse who secretly has a crush on chrom. she meets up with chrom and the shepherds when the group of pegasus knights she was with were wiped out by plegian soldiers.

Rebecca is from Fire Emblem the blazing blade. she is an archer of lycia who is loyal to eliwood. she is the mother of wolt from the binding blade.

also. ced does not have forseti. which confuses me because Lewyn and Erinys are canonically married.

and Travant does not have Gungnir.
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the next new heroes banner has been revealed.

its Tokyo Mirage Session #FE. the game made by atlus thats basically persona combined with fire emblem.

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Gotta be honest, I'm very burnout by this game.

At first, I thought it was amazing how generous it was and I even rooted it over FGO. But as a player from launch, this game has become a huge chore. I only play as not to miss TT and other events.

Even summoning has lost a lot of its initial excitement. The game just has a lot of units, but only merged truly makes a difference for competitiveness (so getting a certain unit without merges isn't that fun unless you like the character outside gameplay reasons). And even if we got a lot of heroes, most of them just feel too similar to each other, gameplaywise, to get excited.

I commend IS for trying to improve the story with forging bonds, but it's way behind FGO and it's a little too late, I think. As much as it pains me to say it, the plot isn't that interesting.

Now that it was a freaking subscription service I'm having a hard time justifying playing this game save for not missing TT rewards/feathers. I'm holding my orbs for Mila as she truly is the only unit I would be excited to pull over.

I feel guilty because I have a lot of good 5-star units, and FEH has given me a lot of fun in the past, but yeah, I feel like I'm playing more for fear of not missing out than actually enjoying it.
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I realized one day that I hadn't actually played FE Heroes for months and had only been collecting the daily rewards as something to do during downtime, I have like 500 orbs just sitting around now.

I think my burnout point really hit when I realized I couldn't even come close to clearing any Lunatic-level battles, so I read some guides on what to do and my brain just shut off

Pixy Misa

I think my burnout point really hit when I realized I couldn't even come close to clearing any Lunatic-level battles, so I read some guides on what to do and my brain just shut off
Yeah, the lunatic stuff is incredibly frustrating and mostly for whales with +10 merged units, tbh.

I mean yes, I'm aware there are YouTubers out there that teach how to solve lunatic with free units, but those guides have a catch. Unless you have literally the exact same unit the guy in the video has, with the exact same inherited skills, IVS, and the exact same seal( leveled the exact same way), the guide simply won't work.

If you happened to merge your free unit, or get one similar through the gatcha or just don't have that hero at all, you're 100% screwed. The enemy units will simply move differently and it will become nearly unwinnable.

So if you aren't a whale or keeping you FTP units neutral until a guy makes a video guide, your only choice is to be at it for hours until you find a solution that works for you.

Not fun at all.
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so guys. the new banner and update.

last month there was the blazing blade banner.

Nils (Blue Dragon Infantry) he is a traveling bard and the younger brother of Ninian. he worries about ninian's love for eliwood.

Rath (Green Bow Cavalry) he is a nomad archer of the kutolah clan from sacae. he helped lyn in her story. he is also the father of sue from the binding blade.

Fiora (Lance Flier) she is the commander of the 5th wing of the pegasus knights of Ilia. she is the older sister of Farina and Florina. she and her squad were sent by Pent to investigate the dread isle but her squad was wiped out and leaving her as the sole survivor, which left her feeling guilty about it. she was able to later meet up with florina and joins eliwood, lyn, and hector's group when she found them.

and Leila (Colorless Dagger Infantry) she is a spy of ostia and Matthew's first lover. she was sent by hector to spy on the black fang and gather intel for hector, eliwood, and lyn. while she was doing this on the dread isle, she was found and exposed by Ephidel and was executed by Jaffar. when her body was found, her death left hector and especially Matthew completely outraged and saddened, with matthew even telling hector that he was planning to propose to her.

and the GHB is Heath (Lance Flier) he is a wyvern rider who was once part of bern's wyvern riders under the command of vaida, but he fled when he and his squad were ordered to kill unarmed peasants (from a false rumor of a rebellion) and became a mercenary working for Eubans. he was seen at the fort on ostia's border when he was forced by Eubans to attack, but then he was persuaded by eliwood, hector, lyn, and ninian to defect and join their cause.

The CYL4 heroes results. all 4 of them are from Three Houses

Male Winners:

Female Winners:

they will be getting brave alts in the future.

more heroes from Three Houses

Lysithea (Red Mage infantry)

Annette (Axe Infantry)

Bernadetta (Colorless Bow Cavalry)

and Ferdinand (Lance Cavalry)

and the GHB is The Flame Emperor (Axe Armor)

all of these units are very powerful game changers. lysithea is literally the best of the banner. so i hope her CYL alt will also be spectacular.


The new weapons


Gray and Tobin are from Gaiden/Echoes; shadows of valentia. they come from ram village and are childhood friends of alm, celica, kliff, and faye. they immediately join the deliverance when alm volunteers for lukas in mycen's place.

Jagen is from Mystery of the emblem. he is a veteran knight of Altea who has served Cornelius and his children Marth and Elice. he has aided marth and helped him liberate Altea. in new mystery of the emblem, he has retired.

Olwen is from Thracia 776. she is the wife of Fred and the younger sister of Reinhardt, who she looks up to very much. she and fred were once knights of friege, but when kempf began taunting her and insulting her brother reinhardt, she lost her temper and attacked him,making kempf label her as a traitor and imprisons her and uses her as a hostage to force fred to fight leif's army to the death. kempf revealed that he actually provoked olwen on purpose, believing it can have reinhardt removed from his position. when olwen was imprisoned with children being captured from the child hunts, she began to realize the cruel actions the grannvale empire was making and began to have self-doubt. she was later rescued by Fred and Leif and she joins leif's army with fred in gratitude for saving her.

new feature: divine codes and ephemera

divine codes are used to create combat manuals of characters. go to compile in allies section and you'll see 5* unit combat manuals that you can spend your divine codes to create.

ephemeras are different. they are a special type of divine code used for the limited time combat manuals that change monthly.

good update.
i got a +atk lysithea and +spd bernadetta and 1 merge for them both. and a -atk +res annette. and a -atk +res echidna. good pull. Life is Good.


guys. new banner coming.

it's the spring heroes banner.

Est from mystery of the emblem (Blue Mage Flier) the younger sister of Palla and Catria (who also got spring alts from past years). she and her sisters are pegasus knights of Macedon and personal retainers of Minerva, who they are loyal to. Est has romantic feeling for Abel. one of marth's knights.

Fir from The Binding Blade (Axe Flier) she is the daughter of Bartre and Karla and niece of Karel. she wishes to be a great swordmaster like her mother. she was forced by pirates into fighting roy and his army, however Her friend Noah, who was traveling with Roy, was able to convince her to join Roy's cause.

Narcian from The Binding Blade (Lance Flier) he is a narssistic wyvern general from bern. zephiel putted him in charge of the invasion of Lycia and later helped a corrupt noble named Roartz to conquer Etruria, but was foiled by Cecilia. he later fought roy and cecilia and was slain in battle by them.

Idunn and Fae from The Binding Blade (Red Dragon Armor Duo)

and the Tempest Trial reward unit is Bartre (sword infantry) he is the husband of karla and father of fir and a close friend of dorcas.

seal rewards are death blow and def feinmt


the next mythical hero has been revealed.

Bramimond (Colorless Tome Infantry) from the Ellibe lore and games, the blazing blade and the binding blade. he is one of the Eight Legends that fought in the Scouring and is the first wielder of the legendary dark tome, Apocalypse. in the blazing blade, Athos takes Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector to Bramimond's chamber under the shrine of seals and asks him to undo the seals of the legendary weapons so they can defeat nergal. Bramimond at first refused, but changed his mind when he noticed that eliwood had a resemblance to Roland, who is Eliwood's ancestor and Bramimond's close friend. he shows up in the final battle where he resurrects Ninian and aids in fighting the fire dragon at the Dragon's Gate.

his multiple voices are part of his character. in the blazing blade, hector questioned him on why his voice kept changing.

also. he doesn't have apocalypse.. just a void tome.

also. new weapons are coming for gaius, gunter, and ursula. and a new refine for Mage Eirika's Glepnir

you know what this means guys? the other legends will be added as mythical heroes in the future. Hartmut, Athos, Roland, Durban, Elimine, Hanon, and Barigan.


there were two feh channels. both of them were to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem Series.

one on march 30th. styled in 8 bit. much like the old fire emblem shadow dragon and the blade of light for the Famicom.

another popped up on april 2nd. bringing in alot of good stuff.

GHB battle revivals

free 5* hero. for fire emblem main male and female characters.

a preview of classic marth and caeda who will be units on a banner later this month.

new type of battle called limited hero battles. they are special battles that make you follow certain requirements like using only heroes from a specific game and no dancers allowed. beat them to get feathers and divine codes.

5* and 4* heroes from, book 3 are demoted to 4* and 3* on the summoning pool.

a new banner from fire emblem fates revelation.

new summoning mechanic. after you summon 40 heroes on a new heroes banner. you will choose a hero from the banner to summon for free.

the New heroes video has come. from Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation

Midori (red bow infantry) she is Kaze's Daughter

Rinkah (Axe Infantry) she is the daughter of the cheifain of the fire tribe from hoshido. Corrin and his nohr siblings helped her and kaze fake their deaths to escape from garon and Iago to make it back to hosido. when corrin got separated from gunter and felicia at the bottomless chasm, rinkah knocked him out and brought him to hoshido to meet his mother mikoto and his hoshidian siblings. in the revelation route, she meets up with corrin and his group to help him with the challenge Fuga and the wind tribe put them in.

Forrest (Staff Cavalry) he is Leo's Son. he is often mistaken for a girl.

Lilith (Blue Dragon Flier) she is one of corrin's caretakers and also a child of anankos. in the birthright and conquest routes, she sacrifices herself to protect corrin. in the revelation route, she survives.

and the GHB will be Iago (Red Tome Infantry) he is an advisor of garon and nohr's tactician. he is tasked with killing or breaking corrin.
in the birthright route, he tried controlling takumi to get corrin killed, but he resisted his control and they fought him, leo then showed up after the battle and had iago killed personally.

in the conquest route, he was tasked by garon to make corrin suffer. he summoned the faceless in the woods of the forlorn to try and get corrin, silas, elise, and her retainers killed. when corrin and his group were staying at palace macarath, he then alerted ryoma and the hoshidan army to ambush them. he then summoned facelsss at the eternal stairway to get corrin killed but instead caused lilith's death. he and hans were later confronted by corrin and the nohr siblings at the hoshidan palace where iago confesses what he's been doing to corrin when he fought him. he was defeated and was executed by leo.

in the revelation route, he summons an army to trap corrin and his group to keep them from retreating to his castle in the astral plane after they defeated hans. however, Xander, Leo, and their retainers showed up just in time and corrin along with his siblings from both hoshido and nohr fight and kill iago and his army.

nice. more fates characters.
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The update.

the new weapons for mage eirika, ursula, gunter, and gaius

Eirika is from the sacred stones. she is Ephraim's sister and one of the main protagonists and the wielder of one of her kingdom's sacred twin treasures, Sieglinde. she is in possession of Glepnir, one of Grado's sacred twin treasures.

Ursula is from The Blazing Blade. she is one of the four fangs from the black fang. when and Nino and Jaffer decided to not kill zephiel, Ursula decided to have them both killed and kill zephiel herself. but eliwood, lyn, and hector got involved and protected the three from her. if she survived and escaped the battle, Limstella will meet with her and kill her and harvest her quintessence.

Gaius is from Awakening. he is a thief from yllise. he tagged along with validar and his men to ylisstol thinking it would be a looting job. when he ran into chrom and found out what was really happening, he joined the shepherds when he asked chrom for a handful of candy.

Gunter is from fates. he is a veteran general of nohr and one of corrin's retainers.

New update features:
after 40 summons on a new heroes banner. you will get a free 5* summon of your choice from the banner.

New Ephemera. including Alm and WT Olwen

there is a free 5* summon banner for one of the main characters from the other fire emblem games. i got leif from it.

Azura's Resplendant outfit is to come tomorrow.

very nice.