FIRST WEIGH IN OF 2021!!!!! (01/07/21) - 526.8lbs, Official Explanation on Why Amber Quit Jenny Craig, and aiming to lose 8lbs by Next Week

Skorpio Gal
"I've literally done everything."

Well, except to stick with one of those 'everythings' for more than a week or two. Or, ya know, just eat less. Or, ya know, fill up on very low calorie veggies (without dressing of any kind) before eating a 'main' meal. Or, ya know, keep a regular life schedule of getting up in the morning and seeing how THAT works.

Or just about anything else.



We did it! We solved racism!
She said she weighed in at 526.8lbs without showing a scale.

It’s just shits and giggles about wanting to lose weight to keep up the facade so she can keep getting that Adsense.

I swear she does this so often. Doesn’t show the scale in the hopes that we will believe what she says is her weight and she can take a large enough shit before the next weigh in to convince us she lost 0.2 pounds.

She literally says she wants a diet plan that makes her feel comfortable. No, Amber, you need to work with a therapist and dietician on your issues of why you feel uncomfortable and think about food all day long. Normal people do not do this. I know, I’m talking to a brick wall here.