FIRST WEIGH IN OF 2021!!!!! (01/07/21) - 526.8lbs, Official Explanation on Why Amber Quit Jenny Craig, and aiming to lose 8lbs by Next Week


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2 lbs per week is pushing it for healthy weight loss unless you're exercising hard, and anyone will have a tough time sustaining that amount of calorie deficit.
When you're 100 lbs overweight, sure. Amber's 400 lbs overweight, though.

For the sake of argument, let's take Amber at her word and believe she is a dainty 526 elbees. To not gain any weight, she needs to consume 3690 calories.
For her to drop to an even daintier 425 elbees, she needs to consume no more than 3140 calories.
Yes, that's right, she can drop 100 elbees by decreasing her consumption by a mere 550 calories per day. While that may seem like a huge deficit for a regular overweight person, she can still eat over 3000 calories a day to lose this weight. This is not deprivation levels of restriction by any reasonable measure. She is probably drinking more than 550 calories a day from sodas and Starbucks. There is no reason she can't do this other than that she just doesn't want to restrict herself in any way.