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"Being in that jar gave me an idea."
I think Gomotion is starting to learn that if he represents himself as a dude still then he could be seen as not having gender dysmorphia.

Like he's changed his profile pic to his tranny caricature and in his latest video he used his character stills to it as well, also these ones look horrifically awful for some reason like the other two he used weren't this bad.
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I said "he's starting to learn" meaning that he hasn't fully phased out his male character for some strange reason, also something else he's starting to learn is voice training and man is it not the best let's just say.

Here's the video I mentioned before, it's about the Fnaf fan game "Dormitabis" which is a pretty good game but I feel like he should have pick his Treasure Island review to do his new voice in cuz he really sounds like Mickey Mouse.

Like it was fine before cuz he said he was only going to be a tranny in his one off videos like q&as and interviews (which he only did one and it was with another Fnaf tranny) but now it seems like he's going to go full troon mode and subject his audience to his new god-awful voice.

My engagement with the channel has always been fluctuating ever since he started doing more then just Fnaf edits, his music was pretty decent and his reviews were okay but I really stopped watching abit after he came out as trans which I think he deleted btw.

Edit: he goes by "she/they" on his Twitter bio now so I presume that he's going say that he's non-binary to get over the fact that he uses/used his old male self even after he came out as trans.

Btw just like every other tranny, he has to be a little shit when someone makes even the tiniest mistake about his pronouns (even if he still represented himself as a male in his videos)
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