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Fix Alex's Shit DesignsYansim art thread

Discussion in 'Art & Literature' started by Ido, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. But it's literally an anime/japanese inspired game. Isn't that a big portion of why they're styled like that in the first place? What does redrawing a nose add to the 'design' unless that nose or other feature was skewed to begin with?

    A bit of detail on the faces and most of the anatomy can be altered to avoid sameface syndrome and make corrections, but this is a 'fix designs' thread, therefore I think it should be primarily for fixing errors or suggesting a different design choice.
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  2. Yes. And I never stated that your edits were the ones I had problems with.

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  3. There seems to have this misconception that anime=cute sameface, when in reality anime is made of many and many diferent styles and trends that can change just like cartoon art. Eva is one of the people who thinks that all anime are made of moeblob waifus and the same face and body for everyone in a colored background. I mean, many times he turned down Druelbozo's offerings to model a new base mesh for YanSim because he didn't consider it "anime enough".

    Long story short, he makes his characters like SAO ones while ignoring the existence of animes/mangas like Ergo Proxy, Berserk and even Mob Psycho 100.
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  4. I already said I agreed that faces could be altered a little to avoid blatant cute sameface. But we're not here to nitpick at an artist's choice of animuu styling, we're here to pick at the character designs which are hilariously skewed and look like they belong in a hentai.

    If you want to redraw everything in a Mob Psycho or Beserk style or something else, have fun with that, but you're not 'correcting' much of anything other than a personal preference away from moeblobs lol
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  5. The delinquent's legs have always bugged me. They don't match the rest of her pose. Yours works way better. I think the gardening club girls would look better with small hairpins or smaller flowers instead of huge comical flowers. If you're gonna do that at least give them fairy wings and wands to match the absurdity.
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  6. Perhaps an edit can be made where students are in high school uniforms rather than middle school ones?
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  7. I feel like that exceptional individual with the "athletic woman" pic doesn't know the difference between athletic looking and actual athletes. Boobs would get in the way of an athlete while they're competing so it makes sense not to have them. Also the design for the athlete is like between a butch-looking woman and just normal Alex fetish stuff. If she had a different hair cut then maybe the boobs would look better on her but with the hair cut she has now it just makes sense to get rid of them, at least design-wise.
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  8. Nothing on the internet is sacred.
    /ic/ in particular is very critical, but we can't always be kissing each other's asses either. This whole website is for poking fun of people, and I honestly think the thread is hilarious. Good find.

    "Thank you for the critique, I admit that the male was definitely not my best edit and I hope to improve this one."
    4chan is a fun place isn't it?
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  9. /ic/ is right.
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  10. While some of the criticisms on /ic/ are rational, there's some exceptional weeb-tastic anons there for sure. Honey, you haven't seen tumblr nose, have you?

    Then again, the kiwis here are trying to make the designs not-so overtly sexualized and appeal to reality rather than anime weeb shit, since Alex can't choose between going full anime tropes and cliches and going toward reality. But hey, everyone has their own tastes and /ic/ is no exception.
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  11. Kewl, but why is this anon pretending to be me? I didn't post these.

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