Fix Alex's Shit Designs - Yansim art thread


So where are you? It's been a little while...
@chlorine i know you were interested so i've mentioned you :biggrin:

i finished my ayano redesign :) (if you get the reference then that'd be nice):
I really like how you gave her a uniform that would be much more appropriate for a prestigious high school. Ayano also looks 100% more remarkable than how she looks now. Keeping her current personality also makes a lot of sense; I imagine that she'd be really shy around other people, especially Taro, but also keeping tabs on them at the same time.

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Maybe it's just me, but I really don't like Bow-chan's face (mostly how the artist portrayed her), it just look's so... uncanny. Plus it reminds me too much of another lolcow for some reason, TomatoMagica.