Fluffies - Brony erotica about tortured mentally retarded pony foals

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Fluffies are a subsect of the bronydom that like fluffy ponies.


Cute, right? It would be, but the overarching theme with fluffies is the systemic abuse and torture. The concept of fluffies is that they are exceptional because they've been selectively bred to yield the biggest, fluffiest coats at the expense of their mental health.

The scope of Fluffy erotica includes:
  • Physical beatings
  • Gouging
  • Amputation or other debilitating injuries
  • Psychological abuse
  • Factory breeding
  • Physiological abuse from forced breeding
  • Physical gouging, torture, and murder of forced breeding offspring
  • Blending living foals and force-feeding it to their bleeding, dying mother.
Not a ruse. Not a joke. A website of this content can be found on Fluffybooru.

An actual comment left on the erotica Honey Gets Raped:
"DerFluffeWaffe: Well worth taking the time to read, I really enjoyed this. There is some creative abuse in this and the floofs were both stupid and hateable."

I think the most iconic image of the Fluffy fetish is a comic that encapsulates scat, abuse, foal abuse, human delivering abuse, psychological abuse, and the exceptionalism element to a T.


Johnny Bravo

Sep 9, 2013
Fuck it. I'm never going to escape fluffies. @AnOminous linked back to my posts in the old thread on the first page. Time to power level again.

Here's a segment of the unfinished story I was writing where the American secret service uses a cybernetically enhanced fluffy named Lollipop ("Wowweepop") to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, as mentioned in the previous thread. It's stupid, it's racist, and it hasn't been touched in over two years. I'm not finishing or editing it. This is all there is.

Lemme set the scene for you. Kim Jong-Un has just received a good will Christmas present from President Obama (roll with me here). Kim, being a sick fuck dictator, thinks it would be funny to feed the fluffy to his pet tiger. It goes poorly.

The underling dropped the mare into the pit. “Oof!” she peeped, landing on her butt.

“Rewease the tiger!”

As Lollipop shook the dust from her mane a golden gate opened on the opposite end of the arena. Her ears stood up straight, her attention focused on the darkness within. Amber eyes twinkled in the shadows. Lollipop’s nose twitched. “Nyu fwiend?”

Out of the darkness there resonated a deep, guttural growl. Bundles of lithe muscle and orange fur flowed into the arena.

“Stwipie munsta!” Lollipop gasped. She puffed out her cheeks. “Nu gud stwipie munsta, Wowweepop giv biggest sowwy poopies!”

The moment Lollipop opened her mouth the tiger’s fur stood on end. Instinct took hold as the fluffy turned her back. Kim Jong-un grinned in malicious glee as his pet stalked toward its prey. The smile vanished as a black canister popped out of the pony’s anus. Poot!

The canister struck the tiger square in the nose and started spewing a bitter white gas into the arena. As the tiger reeled back one of Kim’s bodyguards grabbed the dictator by the arm and pulled him to safety while the other two guards unloaded a clip each into the smoky pit, chopping the animal’s furious roar with a cacophony of bullets. When their magazines had emptied the two guards covered their mouths and noses and tried to back away from the gas seeping into the viewing area, but it was too late. Tears streamed down their cheeks as their eyes burned and their lungs spasmed.

One of the guards managed to catch a glimpse of the arena as the smoke dissipated. He could almost make out the motionless silhouette of the tiger through the fog, face down in a pool of its own blood. Unfortunately for this guard, he missed two key details.

First, it was not their bullets that killed the tiger. Its throat had been sliced open like a Christmas ham.

Second, Lollipop was no longer in the arena.

After the smoke bomb detonated Lollipop had retrieved the Hasbio designed fluffy gas mask from the pink pouch hidden in her fluff and pulled it over her face. Her ear daddy had reminded her to close her eyes and hold her breath while she put it on. Silly ear daddy.

Lollipop ran through the open gate on the other side of the arena and slipped through the bars of the tiger’s cage. Rendered helpless by the gas, the attendant was crawling across the floor, trying to reach the stairs. The candy colored fluffy charged him, sprinting on her hind legs. She jumped onto his back and stabbed him through the neck with one of the retractable blades protruding from her front hooves.

She charged up the stairs and headbutted the door, knocking it open with a woody crack. A normal fluffy’s head would have imploded into a bloody mess of brains and gore. Lollipop’s titanium enforced skull absorbed the impact without flinching.

The two guards looked up in shock as the door swung open. They tried to re-load their assault rifles, but their quivering hands could barely hold the ammunition.

Lollipop darted around the outside of the arena, her blade tipped arms like bloody wings and the black eyes of her gas mask throwing off a harsh glare. She leapt, knocking the assault rifle out of the arms of the first guard and simultaneously stabbing him in the heart. As he fell she backflipped off his chest and landed safely on her hind legs, thanks again to her Hasbio enhanced skeleton.



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Feb 3, 2013
Imo the baby smurf torture thread thing was the better of these two "mentally, physically and sexually abuse small animals" threads because the reactions of the people in the smurf forum thread was fucking priceless.
But this one has provided halal I dunno pick your strange poison


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Jun 25, 2013
So wait, this actually is APART of the pony fanbase?
I always thought it was a dedicated group of people who hated mlp, and used this to vent their extreme hatred towards the show and its viewers?

From what I remember, this is kind of a splinter group and the core fan base has attempted to not associate themselves with them. Although it most likely contains the extreme haters as well.


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Dec 28, 2014
So wait, this actually is APART of the pony fanbase?
I always thought it was a dedicated group of people who hated mlp, and used this to vent their extreme hatred towards the show and its viewers?

It's bannable everywhere on 4chan. For a while there used to be threads on /b/ and now the new management at 4chan created a /trash/ board for every thread too shit for anywhere else.


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Aug 13, 2016
I always felt that fluffy "culture" could best be described by this particular image:


I also remember reading a thesis of some sort on a facebook post back in December 2015 about the psychology of cruelty as it relates to fluffy-ism. Needless to say, it didn't get the highest grade. I cant seem to find it for the life of me, so if anyone knows what I'm sperging about, it's definitely worth a link. There was some crazy stuff in it.


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Nov 30, 2013
I don’t think I, as an aspiring writer of the horror genre, can come up with anything this macabre, this vile, this despicable. I’m the kind of guy who walks around my college campus, discussing grisly crime scene details into an RCA handheld voice recorder. I’m the kind of guy who can get into the heads of my characters. Even the serial killers. It’s ugly, but I guess it’s necessary if you want to achieve verisimilitude. The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a good line between reality and fiction. For me, the suffering that the victims of my killers endure is unbearable, and keeps me up nights. For these psychopaths, writing fictional acts of sadism on innocents may be a pragmatic means of unleashing otherwise socially unacceptable behavior, or worse, warm-up sessions for real world carnage. The scary thing is the ambiguity. For all we know, this could be the work of a really good troll. Still, great find, OP. Keep us posted.