Food & anxiety | weekly vlog 03/25/20 -

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Did it go bad?

Or did amber anxiety binge the last couple days and eat all of the frozen microwavable food.

She eats when she's anxious and she has no tolerance for unpleasant emotions.

Hamboat has been pandemic hungry.
tbh it could be a 50/50 of either.
I wouldn't put it past this smug cunt to eat a week's worth of quarantine pandemic supply in one night, then scramble in her malformed mind to come up with a blame-shifting excuse. "muh bwoken freeza" sounds just about retardəd enough for HamberLynn.

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wow that eye is really getting bad

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Has she always had some degree of a lazy eye?

Could be intraocular pressure buildup causing one eye to be displaced.

Alternatively, untreated diabetes can cause cranial nerve issues that directly effect the muscles that control the eye. Its a progressive problem, until it reaches a certain point and people start to experience double vision and pain. It is not pleasant.

She got winded up from stacking candles on a shelf.

And nice hairline, Beggy


She tells us she usually doesn't snack while snacking, or how she usually skips breakfast but in the next jumpcut she showing us what she had for breakfast

Edit: Of course she's going through something AGAIN and we don't deserve to know because fuck you, I guess, and she's quitting weekly vlogs because of that.

She's just too lazy to vlog. What can really go through this bitch's life which only consists of sitting home all day eating food
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imagine having so much fucking food in your home all the goddamn time that an entire freezer can rot for a week without anyone being fucking bothered :story:
Imagine how much your cunt stinks that nobody smells rotting meat.. :woo:
Or the incontinence odors, or the odor of inability to shower, or the odors of not wiping (getting hosed down) well enough (:_(


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Well we got it guys Amber has finally ran out of content. Yes the demonetisation thing about youtube is true they are going full censorship on the china flu. This video is literally 25 minutes of nothing but she is doing it because views are down and she got paid on the 21st of the month. Her views are nowhere near what they were at her peak she was getting 4.8 million now she can barely get her lowest is 1.68 million a month in May 2016 btw but her lowest in recent is 1.59 in May 2019 she is a 1.68 currently. Her views are pretty freaking bad considering and she is quitting because she has realised she has to go full trainwreck.

But with the Haydur community dead as fuck because they sucked up to charlie gold her traction is nowhere near. Hard times for piggie plus she is petrified of corona chan because that shit WILL annihilate her.

She chucked that Laughing Cow cheese in the garbage before she bothered asking Eric or Rickie if they had opened it. That cheese can be expensive if you're kind of a poorfag.
Of course we've seen her buy useless junk for a lot more than $5. And mama didn't raise no fool: she dove back into the trash to retrieve food like Chantal dumpster diving for Rolos... sort of.


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A bunch of bullshit lies below.
Well, I was thinking about time-stamping all the shitty shit, but fuck it. She’s too boring, and this is 25 minutes of fucking nonsense. Let’s just go.

First off… ‘watching the beginning but not watching the whole part of the vlog.’ Grammar is not nice to WriterLynn.

States that she showed the gradual state of the complete shortage of food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. People were commenting that people were saying she had stuff, when the end of her vlog showed they actually had nothing.

Shows off her ugly as fuck earrings. This was done on March 16th. So not now.

Doing Kroger pickup because outdoors is scary.

Concerned about her health, but won’t get fucking health insurance. Sure, Jan.

Blathering about Kroger pickup and how awesome it is. Because they’re showing substitutes and shit. Whatever.

Calls Kroger’s ‘unavailable’ list a ‘menu.’ We see where your brain is, gorl.

Says they don’t have much in the house. WHAT THE FUCK. You have a huge fridge and TWO FREEZERS. Did you eat it all already, you dumb fat cuntwaffle?

Boooo, it’s scary because no stores have anything.

Necky is making tacos. Amber demands that things be shown. Like nobody knows what goes on tacos.

Necky is doing parmesan cheese on taco. Heathen.

AOnce again says thing are crazy. Because they went and bought a shit-ton of food. But apparently everywhere is out of food. The fuck, get your story straight, you bint.

The freezer is fucking exploding. “We don’t have anything!” Fuck off, Amber.

Moe’s ‘chickens’. The fuck. And they bought soups from Kroger. At least they won’t have to put up with Amber’s slop-soups from the eternally-missing grockpot.

Fingers everything in the fridge. Blathers about social distancing for one sentence and then goes to show off exploding cabinets stuffed with food.

Blathers about how it’s important to do their share in not passing on COVID-19, though she won’t name it.

A week after Monday and she blathers that the freezer got unplugged, she didn’t notice, nobody noticed, it never happened before. So she went in there today and discovered that everything was mushy and emitting a smell like her folds.

So yeah, everything in the freezer went bad. They had to empty it and throw everything out. Good job, Amber.

“Now we have no frozen foods” except for your FUCKING FREEZER on the fridge.

“It’s just not my week.” How about everyone else in the house? Narc.

Munching on a peanut butter bar. At least she didn’t show her fucking mouthgasm when she took her first bite.

“The world is going through something.” IntelliLynn there on full display.

Random tangent - holy fuckballs is her hair greasy and gross. Ugh.

Having chickpeas as her vegetables… I can’t with this bitch.

Still blathering about her four 1/2 sandwiches.

Says her sandwiches are 520 calories. Sure, Jan. Redux.

“A lot of people were like ‘Oh my god, is she dumb?’” Yes. She says no.

Tries desperately to justify her 4 halves bullshit and talks about it being a mental game. No, Amber, you’re just dumb.

Goes on a foodgasm about banana popsicles. I faintly remember her saying something about not liking banana.

Necky shambles in and professes that she looks like crap.

Amber is wearing new pants. Holy fuck!!! They’re actually somewhat baggy on the upper leg at certain angles! Amazing!!!

Sorry, I still can’t get over the legs.

Thinks people watch her videos to be happy…? What? Huh?

Shows off her turkey bacon that she professes is 25 calories. No, bitch, that’s for the reduced sodium one. The one you showed off is 35 calories. (Source - I will neither confirm nor deny that I may get the reduced sodium shit and fall back on the original shit when they’re out)

Opens up her laughing cow cheese and discovers a wedge is missing. Doesn’t trust it. Throws out the entire thing which still has 7 wedges because it’s missing one. You wasteful idiot.

Used garlic and herb cheese wedges instead on her crap bagels.

Becky shows off a 28 year old sweater she wore when she was a baby. They discuss if Necky would allow a daughter to wear it, and she professes ‘no, it’s stained.’ Then AL burst into her shrieky laugh and says they should put Twinkie into it. And Necky instantly shoots her down.

Something about a ‘for real signed’ Kate Winslet picture. Sure, it’s real.

Wah wah wah acknowledges her vlog sucks and she’s a pouty wench because she wants Adsense.

Shows off her stupid mirror thing. Realized that its stand does what it’s supposed to do.

She’s been getting rid of earrings. Get ready for future Torid earring hauls, girls!

Shows off her measly plate of mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey patty and a drizzling of Tapitio. What, no Sriracha? Haah?

Acknowledges she’s a narcissist.

Oh, no, she’s blathering about her pictures. Says it’s for Twinkie, never mind the picture in the middle is her fully front and center and Twinkie barely in frame.

Bitch hasn’t taken new pictures of Twinkie to put in her Twinkie frame.

Shows off her book of her pictures. Says it’s a gift from Dana and Destiny. Didn’t want to shove it in a drawer so she keeps it out on full display because she thinks it’s sweet. It tickles her narc bones, of course. Whimpers that she wishes it was a different picture. PUT IT ON A BOOKSHELF, YOU DUMMY.

Fast forwarded pictures of her bobbling around putting a shit-ton of candles on a bookshelf and removing fucking books from it. Oh for fuck’s sake.

Winded by putting candles on the bookshelf. Should be a serious wakeup call, Amber.

Gestures to her books. Says ‘books’ with disgust. Professes she loves graphic novels. Only the finest literature for LiteraryLynn.

Shows a stack of shitty graphic novels that she hasn’t read.

Now March 21st or something.

Talks about her elongated fat/earlobes. Paws at her greasy sideburns. Professes that her right one is longer than the left one because she got her right ear repierced and they put the hole ‘way low on my earlobe’. Dude, that’s because they can’t go piercing scar tissue. Your plan to get it repierced higher up ain’t happening.

Cried while doing a puzzle with Erik, apparently.

Trixie goes crawling up on her to lick her face. Not Twinkie, though. Hahahahah.

Bitch still whines about how anxiety, panic, and sadness are ruling her life apparently. Then calls to Twinkie, who says ‘fuck you’ from off screen and doesn’t bother.

Still whining about corona-chan without calling it by name.

Wants to quit. Quitting is in the near future.

Calls to Twinkie. Gets Chubbs instead.

Says that Twinkie’s looking at her like “Mama, are you cheating on me?” Amber is missing her dog’s cues of ‘leave me the fuck alone.’

HAHAHAHAH. Not going to do a weekly vlog.

Edit: I can't spell.
NGL parmesan cheese on a fucking taco is probably the most disgusting and infuriating thing I've ever seen on this website and I frequent some gross threads.


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Seeing her and Chantal start to crack because they can’t just binge eat copious amounts of food all day every day and there’s other shit to worry about is probably the only upside to this whole COVID-19 shit. Yes fatties, suddenly there are real problems other than no zesty sauce in your Burger King.

She was told to get "as much as she can"?

No, you dumb fucking hoe, literally everyone says to get as much as you NEED since others need to survive also.

But should I be surprised that Miss Shrine-of-Herself doesn't think of anyone else?

Edit: Hold on, so that whole freeze is for herself? With the odd thing here and there Becky needs to put. And I guess that also explains how nobody fucking else in the household noticed that the freezer wasn't plugged in.

No wonder she's so fat.
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ew ew oh lord, oh god.

imagine all the food in your freezer rotting for a week.
imagine being so dumb, so stupid, so smooth of brain, that you don't notice.
imagine having so much fucking food in your home all the goddamn time that an entire freezer can rot for a week without anyone being fucking bothered :story:
I can't imagine. Actually, I can, unfortunately I can due to past experiences but I digress. Is she wanting us to believe she went a entire week without rooting around in there?! Lol No weigh in due to her inhaling the contents of that freezer, of course.

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I don't really get hoes mad over cows, but it is frustrating knowing that Amber has destroyed a freezer full of food, during a period where people are having a hard time getting food, because of idiots like her that go to multiple stores and buy months worth of shit at once.


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I can't imagine. Actually, I can, unfortunately I can due to past experiences but I digress. Is she wanting us to believe she went a entire week without rooting around in there?! Lol No weigh in due to her inhaling the contents of that freezer, of course.
Yeah I’m not buying it for a number of reasons. She couldn’t say the freezer broke because we’d see it in future videos (she has nothing else to vlog except eating and food hauls), so magically it unplugged itself. It’s like an alcoholic who bought extra beer for a month and miraculously it was gone in one week. Musta been a robber?‽

Anyway, I’m enjoying watching as Coronachan slowly deprives all the deathfats of what they crave. It’s going to be very interesting.