FOOD HAUL 03/06/20 -

What is the cause of Hammy's leg stain?

  • pus from one of her infinite infections

  • vaginal discharge

  • Necky's first emissions from her ever-growing cock 'n' balls

  • cocaine or some amphetamine from her newest diet plan

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She leaves the fucking freezer lid open the entire time, good lard. Also: yea, she's powdering her knuckles you can see it at the beginning.

The funniest part to me was when she mentioned the white spot on her pants and "had becky look": like it's in a different area code from the rest of her. It's the back of your leg! Guess her shelf ass was in the way.
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Oh look, another thing she bought because SmoOtHiEs YoU GuYs
We'll see it once in the next video and then it will go where all her wallmart shit goes to dieView attachment 1176721
She’s trying to copy other YouTube influencers again. What she bought reminds me of those vegan/fitness YouTubers. Almost all vegan/fitness YouTubers have these things on hand:
  • Blenders
  • Chickpeas/tofu/other beans
  • Fresh and frozen fruit
  • Yogurt (dairy or nondairy)
  • Vegetables (many of the influencers go for the fresh stuff though)
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Spinach/kale/lettuce
  • Rice/lentils
Like with most things, she’s probably seen how fit some of those vegan/fitness YouTubers look and decided that if she buys what they have, she’ll automatically get skinnier. Al has these things against her though:
  • She can’t follow basic recipes
  • She’s too lazy to make anything the requires more than a microwave
  • She can’t control her food intake that well
  • She doesn’t even use the food she buys most of the time
  • She can’t be bothered to clean dishes
  • She is too sedentary
If anything, she’ll just gorge herself on the “healthy” food like the ICE drinks and rice cakes with peanut butter, then beg Becky to get her 20 piece nuggets afterwards. Until Al loses at least 50 pounds, I won’t believe that she’s doing what she’s trying to convince others of.