Food Stamp (SNAP) Revocations - Sombody's gotta feed my five kids.

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Apparently the trump administration is talking about a decision to cut food stamps in half and replace it with something called America's harvest box. Now on the outside it seems like its a good idea. However this decision causing a meltdown of epic proportions from all of the usual suspects.









Shit's about to get REAL FAM.


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Starving children are hilarious.

We should have more of them in Amurrica!

Laugh at them! Kick them in the face!

If they had any balls these dumb 4 year olds wouldn't be starving!

Let's move to an African-style life where society has no obligations at all to the people who live in it.

This has worked out really great in Africa, right?
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Remember the good ol' days when having food stamps was deemed shameful and (honest, integral) people tried their damndest to get off of them lest they get ridiculed and looked down upon by their peers?

>unstable genius

It's like she went halfway to becoming self-aware then made a U-turn so hard she flipped her car over.
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