Food that Americans never ate -

Tootsie Bear
Most stores don't sell Kinder chocolate eggs but I did find them in a small Russian store in my neighborhood. To be honest I was disappointed because the chocolate was delicious but it felt more of a gift candy because there was a cheap plastic toy inside. I usually purchase Kinder chocolate bars as a treat.

A Cardboard Box
Haggis is pretty easy to find. Just go to literally any Scottish owned restaurant. Make your own if you want. It isn't hard. The only thing is that in America due to FDA regulations it may not be made "traditionally" with sheep lung but you can get pretty damn close.

Basically OP needs to leave his neighborhood.

Edit: it's been brought to my attention that several importers have been able to skirt the import ban via certain means, and you can now find traditional haggis in the US including sheep lung.
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