Food that Americans never ate -


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I'm assuming it sells well too over there too? Tragic. I met this American guy that had never heard of parmigiano-reggiano cheese and halloumi cheese was, they're missing out on the good stuff.
Well I once heard tell of some type o' cheese called Swiss and another one called Brie. Best I can tell, those are just fictions from the Old World.


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I don't think Americans have chocolate digestives, despite the weird name it's good. A digestive biscuit base with chocolate. I guess the American Equivalent of a digestive biscuit would be graham crackers?

I got a pack of chocolate McVitie’s at Kroger just last weekend.
Yeah, Haggis is not available in America. Some sheep meats in Haggis are banned, I believe. That shit looks vile, so I'm sure nobody would care even if it was available
Haggis is actually quite delicious. I highly recommend it as babby's first organ meat product. The ones I had tasted like liverwurst, but with a milder taste of offal and better seasoning and spices. The texture is also considerably nicer thanks to it being mixed with oats and suet.

It always saddens me to see people reflexively shrink back from the mere mention of a dish containing organ meats, considering the average chicksn nugget is made in a far more horrifying way, and is far worse for you nutritionally.

American cheese" the product *does* have it's uses, though. It makes a wonderful base to build on when you're making a cheese sauce - it melts wonderfully. It shouldn't be the only cheese you use, but it's a great starting point. It's also good on a burger. It provides a cheeseyness without overpowering anything else.
I can confirm that Western Hemisphere Dairy Product™ is great for burgers. Its unique texture means it melts nicely while holding its form, without turning into a burnt or gooey shapeless mess. Having said that, I can't see myself using it for anything else. The average Europoor country has a frankly psychotic variety of cheese available in supermarkets, meaning you'll be able to find something that's better suited to any other situation.


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Kinder Suprise Eggs are overrated and a reddit meme.
Kinder Delice is where it's at.

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Where did the myth that Americans dont eat or make real cheese come from? I mean yeah it's not a cultural staple like in Europe but it's still quite prevalent. Is it McDonalds' fault again?
I'd blame "American cheese," although honestly I think that cheese snobs would probably turn up their noses at almost all of the fast-ripened, mass-produced cheese that you'll find in the average American supermarket.

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No one in America has ever eaten marzipan. It does not exist in America, and frankly that's how it should stay.
No one in America has ever eaten marzipan. It does not exist in America, and frankly that's how it should stay.
Nope, you can buy marzipan in grocery stores.

My dream is that getting curd snack/curd cheese bar would not require a lot of research. Recently one of the companies producing it made a hit in Japan, so maybe they'll be more common in the US as well.

Also heard of them being marketed as greek yoghurt bars, but never actually been lucky enough to find them in stores:

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