Food that is bad for you but you like eating -


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I like to eat these things on by cheat days:
  • Two packs of chicken flavor ramen
  • Six Reese’s big cups
  • 20 piece nuggets from McDonald’s
  • Orange chicken from the Cheesecake Factory with double rice
  • Two pints of Ben & Jerry’s
  • Bailey’s in a wine glass
  • Creamsicle flavored wine
  • A large Diet Coke
  • Rice a roni

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this fucker right here. tears up my stomach like no tomorrow, but fuck me if it isn't addicting.
and it's certified halal!
I've eaten most of the samyang noodles, my favorite is the pink carbo bag. The meme 2x super hot flavor burned my asshole for an entire day.
Noodles are definitely my unhealthy salty favorite meal.


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Starbucks. Get it mainly as a treat, can't drink that shit very often because it's overpriced and calorie loaded, but I got a Pumpkin Spiced Latte today and damn it's good. I also love their winter drink Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. It's like a liquified candy bar.
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I make homemade bread and eat a lot of wheat items, and I know shit like bread and lunchmeat and chips is mostly empty calories but damn a some fresh bread, a fresh brioche bun on a burger, that shit is amazing. I could never give up carbs.
American Chinese food.
Im one of those people who says they hate "Americanized" food (but ends up eating it mostly because its what I know and is familiar) because I want to try all the wild shit that had to be Americanized and uses exotic ingredients, but I unironically like Panda Express. Its probably loaded with MSG or something.

Their orange chicken became their mainstay item, so Im not alone. I also like their black pepper chicken, it's got some green onion and I think water chestnuts, and its actually pretty black pepper-y which is surprising because most fast food stuff tries to be as palatable to everyone as possible so they try not to get too far out there. That could have been a "that location" thing though.

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I eat a lot of locally sourced organic stuff. That said these are the exceptions.

-Coors Light, I drink at least 2 on a daily basis.
-KFC or Jollybees Fried Chicken. They’re both pretty damn good but I try to limit it to once a month.
-Cheeseburgers. Once a week at least I will order a Cheeseburger from Wendy’s or Five Guys and after generous Tabasco dousing I’ll eat it in under 15 minutes.
-Al Pastor Tacos, on Corn Tortillas with onion, cilantro, and salsa verde. I get them from a taco truck in a small neighborhood. Since I don’t work in that area anymore though they’re more like a treat.
-Bacon here and there.

I also smoke Camel Royals.