Food you can get easy in your country and nowhere else - Gastric nationalism thread


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Asparagus is something very german. its pretty much exclusive to the former HRE.
Other countries have something with the same name, but its green and tastes shit.

Beer was also pretty much exclusive to that region. but now you can get some of the bigger brands everywhere, even in the united states.


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What impoverished and depraved lives you Europeans must live without access to the grace that is proper biscuits and gravy.
I have no idea what the fuck anyone is talking about. Both biscuits and gravy are readily available worldwide.


Although the idea of pouring gravy all over a packet of Digestives seems a bit exceptional to me.


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Not sure about food but I've heard the Crush drinks like orange and cream soda are Canada only.
I can get Orange Crush any place I've worked in the US. Maybe not every store, but any one with decent selection will have it. Pineapple is harder to come by, but still available. I didn't even know there was a cream soda variant.

@mindlessobserver Cinnamon rolls are like a classic swedish thing. They were invented there. I only know this because I was watching some dumb travel show, and they were like "and you can't leave sweden without trying their iconic cinnamon rolls (insert whatever they're called in swedish).

@Daddy's Little Kitten I don't know where you are, but you can find most of those pastries in a lot of places, including america. The ones I can identify look like Jam thumbprints, macaroons, palmiers... are the ones in the middle pastelitos? I've never seen those outside of Miami.


Diet Coke, because you Eurofags are stuck with Coke Zero.

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If you can't buy a six-pack of whole smoked eels at your local supermarket you're living in a Third World country.

mindlessobserver said:
As an example, here in America we have something called a "Cinnamon Roll". Basically a sweet bread with a layer of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar, usually topped with icing or cream cheese frosting. You can find it in highbrow bakeries to a shelf stable for years packet at 711. Pizza Hut also delivers them. I have never seen it outside of America. Even Canada seems to ignore this thing.
Fat Faggot Treats™ can be found pretty much anywhere on the planet.


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It's not completely impossible to find but I noticed okonomiyaki is hard to come by in the States, at least in my particular state it is. I even live by a Japantown and they don't sell it in any of the restaurants near me. Also anything lingonberry flavored that's not that sauce next to those meatballs at Ikea. Apparently they don't transport well so I saw them all the time in Europe but rarely see them here.

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The product of half a billion microbreweries in my state alone.

Inedible MidWestern Thai food.

Inedible buffet food.

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Do non-Brits have Lucozade in their supermarkets? What about Jaffa Cakes?

I spend the early part of my life growing up in the Netherlands, and there is so much food I remember eating that you simply can't find in the UK.

- Hagelslag. Pretty much chocolate sprinkles that you can put on your toast. But tastier.

-Apple Mouse. In the Netherlands, it's normal to eat Apple puree with a spoon. However, in the UK it seems to either used as a condiment for Pork, or baby food.

- Vla. You have Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Vla. It's pretty much the milkshakes you can get here in the UK, but much thicker. Which made them much tastier.

Oh man, suddenly I feel nostalgic for the Netherlands. I might need to visit the country again this summer.
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My country, Quebec, has a national dish that, while popular outside Quebec, is almost never properly done outside Quebec. At around 50 kms of our border, you just cannot find good poutine. It needs to come from a roadside caisse-crout, and needs to have squeaky curds, NOT mozzarella, not any of the other gay shit les maud't tete-carree shitcunts try to put in it. Also, if you're paying more than $9 bucks for 2 lbs of it, it's probably shit.