Food you can get easy in your country and nowhere else - Gastric nationalism thread

Also anything lingonberry flavored that's not that sauce next to those meatballs at Ikea. Apparently they don't transport well so I saw them all the time in Europe but rarely see them here.
All the major chain grocery stores around here (middle US) now sell lingonberry jam as well as a lingonberry-flavored yogurt. The Ikea stuff is way better, though.


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This is the perfect thread to say that I just hate how non Caribbean people pronounce “conch” with the “ch” sound. It’s simply pronounced “Conk”

It’s just as worse as hearing “Cay” phonetically. It’s pronounced like “Key”

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Speaking of Canada, anybody else got nanaimo bars?
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some sorta coconut infused chocolate granola shit on the bottom, custard in the middle, chocolate top. Feel the beetus.
Nanaimo bars are the best, I love them and will fight to the death to see that they are continued. Normally I wouldn't give my life for our corrupt government, but if a foreign power invaded to take our nanaimo bars I would fight to death


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In America we don't have Lucozade but we have Gatorade which is kind of like Lucozade Sport. As for Jaffa cakes we have a cookie called Pims which come in an orange flavor. You can find them at most grocery stores. (The raspberry flavor is good too)
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You *can* find real, name-brand McVities Jaffa cakes, too. Meijer's usually has them in their import food section, or at least they did when I lived in a Meijer region.

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it's ground beef, but it has other fillings like cheese, and it's fried, not baked.
Yeah! It totally looks like an empanada. It's a little different, usually we have a filling of ground beef with onion, spices, hard boiled egg and olives called "pino" and it's mostly baked. The one that's usually fried is the cheese empanada, but some people fry everything to make them a little faster, like street vendors.
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