Food you can get easy in your country and nowhere else - Gastric nationalism thread

Pitere pit

Has man gone insane?
This meal is from my region, but it counts so, Callos, aka, animal guts with blood sausage.


Potato omelette with onion (only an heretic would eat one without one)

Torrijas, fried bread dunked on milk with cinnamon.

Gaelician octopus

Sometimes I hate my country because it goes beyond rétarded, but, I can't deny that its food is amazing and I'm proud of it.

Cheezies. Which are hard, crunchy, very salty and extremely cheesy flavored. They also turn your fingers and anything else they touch orange as fuck. I still find that weird considering its supposedly real cheddar cheese. They're about as canadian of a snack food as it gets


Hot rods. Which are kind of like a canadian version of a slim jim but alot saltier and kind of spicy


Coffee crisp. Not a huge fan of chocolate bars in general but this is one of the few i'll actually eat. Or at least I did before my fiance tried them and got hooked. Shes still pissed they don't sell them in the US when visiting family. Wafer bar with a thick layer of semi-soft coffee flavored filling.


Hickory sticks. Pretty much what the sound like. Either hickory or bacon-hickory flavored salty potato sticks. 50 cents a bag at every dollar store in the country



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Funeral Potatoes. It's a casserole made out of hashbrowns, mashed potatoes, cheese, breadcrumbs, and crushed corn flakes. Delicious but they're really only known about in 3 or 4 states. Same goes for Fry Sauce.

For Western New York, wings (no one calls them chicken wings or buffalo wings here) are the most famous and are a common party food

However, I'm most proud of sponge candy. I remember mentioning it to a bunch of Euros many years ago and they've never heard of it before (even though its apparently very similar to the English sponge toffee)

Beef on weck is almost as popular as wings, but its not really my thing.

Loganberry is the best thing with a spicy meal

I’m not too sure about the rest of the world, but in my state we have Chili Season. What it is is Hatch grows a fuckton of green and red peppers of various hotness and they all get fire roasted in parking lots. So what we’re left with is massive amounts of fresh, roasted peppers with both great flavor and some nice kick that we put in and on everything. Burritos, soup, burgers, pizza, chocolate, ice cream, wine, anything we can.
You can get it canned in other places, but it’s not the same. It’s a very unique flavor.
I can tell you’re a Texan
I think i'm right in saying suet pastry isn't all that common outside bongistan so suet dumplings, Jam roly-poly, steak and kidney pudding plus a dozen other regional or seasonal dishes made from it.



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Ah then in response to your post, Texas does the Hatch chili thing too. I lived there for a few years and I remember the first time I heard of “hatch season” and saw the roasting going on in grocery store parking lots. It was weird!
In general, New Mexico has an interesting relationship with food. Because of how many different cultures we have living on top of each other, it’s a mix of Tex-Mex, legit Mexican, Native American, and ‘American’ foods. Our burger joints would never dare dream of not having Hatch chilies as an option, our bakeries will always have biscochitos, and masa harina is in every supermarket. And that’s just the food.
We’re also a very young state, so when someone says ‘traditional New Mexican’, it means we actually do it. Like Zozobra or our artistic styles. The tribes get to do their own burials and they get custody of the body if one of theirs dies in a hospital as well. We also get told the tribes legends and stories in school, though probably not very accurately.
You’re also just as likely to hear hip-hop being blasted as mariachi, because of how many kids of immigrants get influenced by Americana as their parents old country.
It’s to the point that it’s weird to not see those things when you travel, you’re so used to them. And whenever a visitor comes, it’s never what they expect if they haven’t been here before.
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