Food you can get easy in your country and nowhere else - Gastric nationalism thread

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Maroni (roasted sweet chestnuts) are very popular in autumn/winter in Austria. They are sold from little booths on street corners and markets.
Maroni sind um Klassen besser als die Erdäpfelpuffer 👌

Authentic Austrian streetfood unfortunately is slowly being replaced by Kepab or China noodle booths… but they are still around. Nothing is better than a "Käsekrainer" (sausage filled with cheese) with lots of mustard at a "Würstelstand" when it is 4 AM and you're drunk as hell:


My favourite is the "Leberkäsesemmel" (= type of meatloaf, I guess. A literal translation would be liver-cheese…). You can get that also at almost every bigger supermarket: