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Flautas ahogadas are my favourite meal and have been since I was a kid: super crispy chicken flautas served inside the broth the chicken was boiled in. then a green salsa (cilantro, tomatillo, and serrano) that is blended and boiled down is mixed in. top that all off with cheese (nice and melty cos of hot salsa broth), sour cream, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sliced avocado.


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My three biggest food addictions:
1. Potato Chips, pretty well all kinds. There are flavors I'm not a big fan of but I like almost all kinds of basic chips.

2. Pho. I will eat it anywhere, any time. I've tried all of the varieties, even tendon and tripe. Now I love tendon, though the tripe didnt really and anything. This is another one that has a lot of varieties and I love me some soup, period.

The grand champion though:
3. Hot wings. Call em chicken wings or buffalo wings, whatever. I could eat myself to death on hot wings. I love teriyaki, peanut curry, salt and pepper, dry rub, deep fried or even barbecued. If you asked me what I wanted to eat until my stomach would rupture like in Se7en, it would be these gorgeous things with a bullet. I think I'm going to go cook some up right now god damn it.

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I get tired of almost every other food at some point no matter how much I love it. But lasagna is the shit for me.

My parents were so sick of me always wanting to eat lasagna (and not much else really) that my mum started making a huge batch once every two weeks or so and kept it in the freezer for me.

... I'm now an adult but still keep a batch of homemade lasagna in my freezer.

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There are a lot of them...
Lentil's soup with carrots and chorizo.
Potato omelette with onion.
Pasta, all of them.
Fried shrimps and sardines.
Chicken wings and mashed potatos.
A glass of cold horchata.
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Tabbouleh. Not a super common thing but it's pretty easy to make and never ever gets old to me. Recommend trying it if you haven't before. Make sure to add alot of mint.

reese's pieces. pretty much anything i make with peanut butter. like it smooth i can always go to the bathroom to add the crunch to anything.