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sliced and skinned cucumbers. shit is hydrating and delicious
I can attest for this. Also, if you like cucumbers, try out making Cucumber Lasagna (use cucumber sliced instead of pasta slices for the layers of the lasagna). It's quite nice and the cucumber is still soft and juicy after cooking it.

And if you are into that, stuffed eggplant might be another thing you might like


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Nachos. Can't beat a good nacho.

Rye bread with butter.

Cheez Its. Or Cheese Nips, they've grown on me since it's all I can get here.

Saltine crackers with guacamole.



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Zucchini fries with a sauce that is basically a mixture of mayo, ketchup, and a fuckload of sriracha. Not only are Zucchinis inexpensive here ( I live near a farm that sells them for a quarter per 'chinni ), but it's easy to make. I could devour them all day.


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Burgers and fries.

I'm a simple man, at heart.

A paper sack of burgers and fries from McDonalds or Five Guys... A styrofoam carton from a lunch truck... A fancy plate with sides in a nice sit-down restraunt... A paper plate in my own kitchen... Don't matter. Burgers and fries. Even gas-station hot bar burgers and fries. Even frozen microwaved ones.

Tacos would probably be a close second choice. Damn do I love me some tacos. Soft tacos, crunchy tacos, street tacos... Anything from a taco bell special to a nice shredded pork taco from a hole in the wall Mexican place... Mm. Tacos.

I love pizza, but I can get sick of it.

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I must admit, I will never get tired of a classic pepperoni pizza, either New York-style or pan crust and preferably either homemade or from a local place. Serve with Pepsi for the perfect experience in my opinion.

I may get sick of the frozen pizzas or the chain stuff, but I will always love a classic New York style pepperoni pizza.

The best places are obviously in New York and New Jersey, but even in places like Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania I've had some good local pizzas.
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Gyros (pita bread,tomato,red onion, tzatziki sauce,fries and gyros from pork meat)

fried calamari

smoked salmon

pasta with minced meat (not really bolognese, it's the greek version)


Pasta sokolatina (it's not like your choco cake, more creamy for sure)

and melomakarona

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