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Homemade biscuits with butter, jam, or honey. Sometimes just bread and honey is the most delicious thing.


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But really, I'm in a big kick currently for almonds, And also anything dipped in either cream cheese, hummus or peanut butter. Vegetables, saltine crackers, chips...It's just yummy.


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If you were forced to eat only one thing (a dish, a snack, whatever), what would it be? Something that you never get tired of?

Me, there's a lot of options, but I wouldn't mind living off mashed potatoes.
Tuna sandwiches. Genuinely perfect


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Very unfair thread, but if I had a gun to my head and was asked this I'd probably live off of breakfast skillets. Specifically something with a bit more veggies, like peppers.
I was gonna say breakfast sandwichs, but it's not as nutritionally complete compared to a breakfast skillet- you got a bit of everything there really and taters are a very solid stable food.
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KFC chicken there's a reason why it was the most popular Choice of last meals on death for so many years. Inmates would often ask for two or more while buckets and not care forget didn't get My sides