Food You're Not Really Sure Anyone Even Buys -


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i mean sure people buy them as it’s a Christmas tradition, but does anyone actually eat it???
Good fruit cake is exquisite.

What you buy in most stores is not good fruitcake. It's dry, bland, and mostly bread with a few maraschino cherries and pecan bits in it.

Good fruitcake is heavy, wet, rich, and so full of fruit and nuts it barely holds itself together. It's less a cake and more a confection. And preferably soaked in rum or brandy.


Thanks for the company.

And they provide it by the palletload for free to troops downrange, along with Budweiser NA.

And Rip It......

Come to think of it, I don't think anyone buys that shit either.
You ain't wrong.

Ever seen anyone hallucinate from being tweaked on Red Bull? Neither have I.

Those Rip Its are fucking brutal, especially after more than two of those little tweaker can grenades.

And yes, they do fit in standard grenade pouches.
Rip Its are great. Once a month I'll go and clear out my dollar store's whole supply, along with their peace tea. But my bittersweet love of Rip Its comes from doing case races and their value when you've been in the shit for a week and a half and falling asleep could literally mean death for you and everyone around you. But I don't dare drink more than two within a 24 hour period. Pretty sure from all that shit leftover in my body from back then means I'll either explode from the inside out or develop superpowers, and I'm not too keen on playing those odds.
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