For some, Wii Fit’s legacy is body shame - Years later, many reflect on how Wii Fit impacted their body image - Wii lol Fat

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Plantation Barbie
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May 16, 2015
During this segment, the game asks you for personal information like height and age, weighs you, and gives you a small balance test meant to assess your starting point. Once all that is done, Wii Fit displays your body mass index (BMI), a flawed measurement that uses your height-to-weight ratio to classify people as obese, overweight, ideal, or underweight. Then the game crunches all the numbers and calculates a “Wii Fit Age,” which is a single number meant to quantify your fitness level. Each person starting out the game got assigned a Wii Fit Age
Who knew that a game about excersize and fitness would ask you questions about your physical fitness.


Making Nanomachines great again
Apr 15, 2013
No wonder the Child's Play remake failed, it didn't resonate any of the fears of it's audience. Chucky didn't need to kill anyone, he just needed to insult them.
"a new type of horror, it has no trigger warnings and it's just a dude on the internet calling you names all the time and does not respect your pronounce. I've never been so shaken and upset. Move aside Silent Hill and resident evil, we got a new grandmaster."


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Jul 14, 2018
My friends made fun of me cause Wii Fit said I was super obese back in the day. I just laughed at the retards because I was literally the best built guy in the room.

Maybe these fat asses should have done the same oh wait
It's true that BMI doesn't account for wider bodies. If I were ever "normal weight" by BMI standards I'd be Mr. Skeleton.

But if you can't laugh off your Mii being a fatass that says more about you than the game. I personally thought it was a great little gimmick because it helped teach me basic Yoga which is something everyone really should do.