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Da_nuke wakes up at 6:00am, it is simpy time for him to get ready for his first hour class at college. He is a 23 year old male, speaks many lanuguages such as spanish, French, other, and ofcourse enlgish(fool) and many others. He considers himself a creole of sorts. A man from another time, who knew how to speak the time.

His parents put extreme pressure on him, however. He had recently moved to live in the United States of America. People in Mexico were constantly engaged in gun fire. He shortly lived in France, then realized USA was truly the land of the free. So he lives in America now, with his family, to finally finish his college eduactions.

It’s a new bright and shiny day at college. Da nuke packs his book bag and heads to class. He arrives a little early today, (his mom is so paranoid he might be late so she sent him so early)
He meets a new friend, Larfleeze.

“Hi I be Larfleeze. Etc. how do u is do.” Larfleeze simply asks, in an innocent manner.

“Oh…..hello. My name is Da_Nuke……you have a very nice name to you….” Da nuke says.

At this time, Danuke believes Larfleeze is male, but is not exactly sure what gender Larfleeze is. Larfleeze has long flowing black hair of a female nature and has the sexy slender body of a female as well, simply making Da nuke’s penis of a hard nature. However Larfleeze’s voice is low and sounds that of a male.

“Um, nice hair.” Da nuke says. “Oh thanks, tee hee!” Larfleeze says. They take their seat in the classroom, which is hella full. They sit next to each other at a table in the back row. Their teacher walks in, a Mexican with a mustace and a very thick accent. The class is biological economics. Then the class ends and they walk outside of the class room. When Da nuke sees his old pal walking by, Drshoggoth.
‘Oh hey, sup son!” Dr. Shoggoth shouts and runs up to him and Larfleeze. “Who be ur friend hur.” He asks.

“Oh, this is Larfleece. I just met him recently. He seems like a pretty cool dude. He was telling me about how he smokes cocaine. Hahah I’m just joking about the cocain part.” Da nuke says. The three men bust up laughing at this humorous joke.

“Anyway, they are having this hella cool party at Kapake’s house tonight, hella be tons of alcohol and hot women there, and things of that nature!” Dr.shoggoth explains.

“That’s sounds really fun, You know I’ll be there! How about you Larfleece.” Da Nuke says. “That sounds of a pleasureable nature! Ill be there!” Larfleeze explains.

“Great guys, I’ll be picking yos up at 12:00 tonight, dis party will be bumpin, all up in dis crib!” Drshoggoth explains.

Drshoggoth gives Da nuke a high five, then sprints off, very excited about the prospect of tonight. Da nuke gets into his jaguar car and goes to the grocery store. He instantly heads to where the liquor is. He grabs a bottle of Old crow whiskey off the shelf. He turns his head, then looks back, and is simply astonished by what he sees. He sees his old pal Garfunkle, yet, garfunkle is looking side to side, in a suspicious manner, then Garfunkle grabs a bottle of the most expensive whiskey and sprints towards to exit.

‘”Stop that thief!” A clerk screams at the top of his lungs. An off duty police officer pulls out his pistol and screams for Garfunkle to stop.
“You’ll never take me alive! Garfunkle screams. The cop then fires his pistol, the bullet enters Garfunkle’s brain and he falls to the floor, dead before hitting the ground. The cop rushes up and checks his pulse and checks the body.

“Oops, he didn’t have a gun…usually when people say, “You will never take me alive!” They usually have a gun and open fire right after they say it.” The cop explains. The shooting is later ruled justified. One clerk puts the bottle of high priced whisey back on the shelf.

“That was some crazy stuff right there!” Da nuke says to the clerk as he rings up the Old crow.

“Hellas” The clerk responds.

Da Nuke gets into his jaguar and speeds off. He takes a sip of the whiskey as he is flying down the highway. As Da nuke gets home, he conceals the bottle into his heavy coat pocket, so his dad doesn’t see, and walks inside.

“How was your day, son!” Da nukes father says. Da nukes father has a very thick mustache.

“Same old same old.” Da nuke simply responds.

“Good. You didn’t see any homosex while u was at school today did you?” Da nukes dad asks. (There has been a dramatic rise in homosexuality during the past five years)

“Nope…” Da nuke responds.

“Good. Cuz I want my son raised right! And to stay straight! Don’t be having no sexual conduct with them homosex!” His dad says.

‘”Indeed.” Da nuke responds, and then goes into the basement and into his room. He whips out his old crow and begins chugging it out of the bottle. His dad is a very strict Roman catholic, so is their whole family. Da nuke was raised to stay straight. Yet right now, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Larfleeze. The elegant beauty, the extravagant grace of how his body moved. The long flowing black hair. The forbiddingness. Da nuke’s cock begins to become of a hard nature just thinking about him.

No! Da nuke says to himself. I must stay straight! Da nuke then takes a swig of the old crow. He gets on his computer and begins to look at porn of females. Then he hears his dad walking towards his door. He turns off the computer then dives to the floor and hides the bottle under his bed. His dad bursts through the door. He tells them they are going out to eat and asks if he wants to come. Da nuke simply says no.
Later that night, DrShoggoth comes over to pick him up. A man with a very large afro Is sitting in the passenger seat of Drs huge black truck. Danuke gets in the back seat, and sees Larfleeze in there.

“Oh hi” Da nuke says with a smile, looking over Larfleeze. His cock begins to become of a hard nature.
“Oh my! You have a boner.” Larfleeze says. Da nukes face hella turns red.

“I was looking at porn in my room.” Da nuke says. They all begin laughing. Then the man with the very large afro pulls out a blunt and lights it. Then they arrive at Kapakes house. Hella cars be parked along the roads. They walk inside. A shirtless man is laying on the floor passed out. Da nuke sees tons of sexy ladies, etc.

“Beer bong! WOOOO HOOO!” Drshoggoth simply explains and then is drinking the beer bong.
DrShoggoth then goes into one of the back rooms. Kapake puts his arm around a young girls shoulder and takes her into one of the upstairs bedrooms. DrShoggoth begins taking shots with Da nuke, simply downing them 1 after another. Da nuke becomes terribly drunk.
“Hey that’s my girlfriend your flirting with!” Delabonte says.

“I simply don’t care!” Tipbit responds. Both men are terribly drunk, as well as Delabonte’s girlfriend sally. Delabonte jacks Tipbit right in the jaw. Tipbit falls to the ground and delabote is brutually beating him. A drunken girl starts grabbing at Delabonte trying to get him off Tipbit, then Sally then begins punching the girl brutually in the face for touching her man. Greg sees Sally punching his girlfriend and he becomes infuriated, and is terribly drunk. He tackles Sally to the ground and punches her in the face very hard repeaditly, then he pulls out a pocket knife and holds it her neck.

“HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND!” He screams at her, holding the knife to her neck. The man with the large afro sees this and pulls out his piece, and fires a shot into Greg’s chest, killing him. A girl screams, then Afro man instinctively fires a shot into her head. A man sneaks up behind Afro man and slits Afro mans neck. DrShoggoth sees this and tackles the man who killed afro man, then they wrestle for the gun, Drshoggoth gains control of it and presses it right against the man’s forehead, then pulls the trigger. Blood splatters onto Drshoggoths face and shirt.

“Shits fucking getting crazy up in hur, lets split!” Drshoggoth screams to Da nuke. He nods, and they both flee the house and hop into Drshoggoths truck. They are racing from the scene, going well past 100 miles an hour, Drshoggoth is terrbbly drunk, has a concealed fire arm and blood on him, they whiz past a cop, who then puts on his lights and sirens and gives chase.

“I simply can’t go to jail tonight!” Drshoggoth says and simply puts the pedal to the medal. The cop uses his loud speaker and says,

‘’Driver, simply pull over your vehicle to the side of the road.”

“Just stop the car man.” Da nuke says, hella worried at this particular point in time.
“hella never!” Drshoggoth says.

Meanwhile, back at Kapake’s house. A girl had dialed 911, and a swat team was sent out to the house.

“Don’t worry, help is on the way.” Delabonte explains. Then they hear the front door get kicked in.

“Thank God you guys are here.” Tipbit says. The sweat team opens fire, shooting Delabonte and Tipbit several times in the chest and head with machine gun fire. Sally tries to make a run for the back door and is shot in the back with an assault shotgun. The swat team then proceeds to clear the rest of the house. They go room to room, capturing suspects.

“Whats this?!” A swat team member says, as he presses his shot gun against a girl’s forehead.
“Shes only a minor!? What is she doing at an adult party!” The swat team member says, and then he opens the closet door cautiously. He finds Kapake hiding in there, clutching a butcher knife. The Swat team member bashes Kapake in the face with the butt of his gun, breaking Kapake’s nose. Blood begins to run profusely. He yanks out Kapake and arrests him.

Kapake is later found guilty of numerous felonies, including sexual conduct with a minor, and is given the maximum sentence. 40 years in a Maximum Security Correctional Facility. Where he remains to this day.
Flashing back to Drshoggoth and Da Nuke. They are still being chased by the cops. Da nuke fears he is gonna die during this. Drshoggoth points his gun out the window behind them and fires some shots at the cop cars behind him.
“Have you gone mad?!” Da nuke screams.

“He is firing at us!” The cop screams into his radi0. A cop ahead who is out of his car who was gonna lay down spike strips then pulls out his pistol. As the truck with Drshoggoth and Da nuke approaches he aims. He fires 5 shots into the driver’s side window. Three bullets hit Drshoggoth in the chest and two in the forehead, killing him. Da nuke opens the truck’s door and leaps out, hitting the street and rolling. The truck keeps going and crashes into a telephone pole. Da nuke is quickly handcuffed and taken in for questioning. Cops are later satisfied that Dr. Shoggoth acted on his own, and Da nuke was released without charges being filed.
Da Nuke arrives home the next with a killer hang over, and his body is sore all over.

“How was your day, son?” His dad asks.

“Same old same old.” Da nuke responds and goes into his room.

He flops down onto his bed, simply exhausted. His cell phone begins to ring. He awnsers. Its his old pal Larfleeze!.

“Thanks for leaving me at that party, but it was probably for the best, considering ur driver etc.” Larfleeze says.

“Indeed. How about u come over?” Da nukes asks. Larfleeze then drives over to his house.

Da nukes dad lets him in, and he goes into Da nukes room. He shuts the door behind him.

“So, that really was some crazy party last night, huh?” Da Nuke says.

“Ya, its crazy how 1 minute you can be alive, and then the next…people are opening fire and you can die in the blind of an eye…it kinda makes you…appreciate life more..” Larlfeeze says.

The two stare deeply into each other’s eyes for a moment. Larfleeze grabs Da nuke and begins kissing him passionately. Da nuke pushes him off. Larfleeze grabs him again, Da nuke resists, moving away his face. “its okay...its okay.” Larfleeze whispers into his ear, and then, after a moment, Da nuke starts kissing Larfleeze back, simply unable to control his body, even though his mind is screaming at him stop. Larfleeze takes off his shirt then rips off Da nukes shirt. They are rubbing all over each other’s back, then they pull down each other’s pants and underwear, making the both of them completely nude.

Larfleeze gets on his hands and knees, his face facing away from Da nuke.

“Im…im a virgin.” Da nuke says. Larfleeze grabs Da nukes cock and slams it into his ass. Da nuke throws his head back and has his mouth open Forming the O circle. He then begins thrusting into larfleezes ass, harder and harder.

“This is....Sexual…..Pleasure…..of…..all…HELLA!” Da nuke screams, right when he ejaculates semen up Larfleeze rectum.

(Da nukes dad is passed out from vodka at this particular point in time.)

Larfleeze then quickly dresses and leaves without saying a word. Da nuke just sits there in his room, stunned, astonished, confused. And feeling great thoughts of shame.

Da nuke almost considers skipping his classes the next day all together, but he realizes he simply can’t. His mom makes him go so his grades don’t suffer. Da nuke gives Larfleeze the cold shoulder, and sits somewhere else in class today away from him, ignoring him altogether. After class, Larfleeze jogs up catch up to the fast away walking Da nuke.

“hey man, whats up.” Larfleeze says. Da nuke doesn’t say anything, and keeps walking. Larfleeze follows and says, yo why you ignoreing me.

Da nuke stops and turns around and says,

“Look…yesterday was a mistake. I’m straight. It never should have happened, and it never again will happen again. “

“Okay man, okay.” Larfleeze responds.

“Also, I think it would be best if we weren’t friends anymore and never spoke ever again.” Da nuke says, and walks off.
He goes to his next class and sits down next to a very attractive blonde female. He had talked to her before briefly. He musters up the courage to ask her to dinner tonight, and, he is astonished when she actually accepts.
He picks her up at 9:00 pm and takes her to the restaurant called Dos Primos. A Mexican restaurant. He orders a corona beer and a Tostada. She orders a salad. She is talking to him, but Da nuke can’t seem to pay attention to her. He has images of the night before flashing in his mind. The passion, the sexual pleasure, the beauty.

Da nuke stands up during the middle of the meal and runs out of the restaurant, leaving the girl to deal with the bill. He hops into his jaguar and speeds down the road.

He arrives at Larfleezes house. It is pouring down rain. He pounds on the door. Larfleeze awnsers, Da nuke, soaking wet, says.
“I can’t quit you.” And then grabs Larlfeeze and begins to passionatly kiss each other.


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It's.... it's bad that the horrible grammar and names bothered me more than the bad porn, isn't it..?

Those character names are like getting stabbed in the eardrum with a chopstick. Repeatedly.

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Cool story, bro

edit: fucking lol @ this dialogue 10/10 for realism
“Oh, this is Larfleece. I just met him recently. He seems like a pretty cool dude. He was telling me about how he smokes cocaine. Hahah I’m just joking about the cocain part.” Da nuke says. The three men bust up laughing at this humorous joke.

“Anyway, they are having this hella cool party at Kapake’s house tonight, hella be tons of alcohol and hot women there, and things of that nature!” Dr.shoggoth explains.

“That’s sounds really fun, You know I’ll be there! How about you Larfleece.” Da Nuke says. “That sounds of a pleasureable nature! Ill be there!” Larfleeze explains.

“Great guys, I’ll be picking yos up at 12:00 tonight, dis party will be bumpin, all up in dis crib!” Drshoggoth explains.
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