Former Batgirl Co-Writer Cameron Stewart Accused of Grooming Teenage Girls - eeeeaux

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I remember seeing Owen Benjamin accuse him of being a pedo. Owen Benjamin of course is fucking crazy. And to be honest if you Google it, you find that no one was willing to go on record and definitively accuse him.

So it's one of those Hollywood things where everyone has heard the rumor but no-one actually investigates if it is true or not and outsiders won't even know the rumors, kind of like how everyone well connected had heard the rumors about Jimmy Savile but no one actually did anything about them and the general public didn't know that it was a very bad idea to let him anywhere near your kids. What I think is going on is that insiders protect their kids, the pedo goes on working and only preys on other people's kids.

Was iCarly really worth it?


Surprise, surprise, surprise... Honestly, this guy should be jailed just for his involvement with Batgirl alone, but I guess his typical male feminist habits catching up with him is enough.

Maï encouraged followers to donate to non-profits that help vulnerable women, the Trans Women of Color Collective, National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network.
None of those help women. Nor do they really help transpeople, when you think about it...

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You and I are similar ages, iirc.

Be honest, Jim‘ll Fix It scared the shit out of you, me, and every kid we knew. The fucker was a glowpaedo
The thing about Savile is that he was big before pedo scares really became a thing, which I reckon to be the 80s where suddenly the potential for your child to have suffered abuse became such a fear that we also got all the people, children and adults, who remembered abuse that didn't happen.

And even then, there is the chutzpah of hiding in such plain sight by playing the creepy uncle to the max that it went all the way around to being unbelievable.

We look back and wonder how people could not have known, and the truth is that a lot of people in power knew or at least suspected, but it was either impossible to do anything about it or he was too valuable to stop. Meanwhile, the audience wasn't thinking to worry about that sort of thing, and it wouldn't have fit with Occam's Razor to think he could actually be, not just a nonce, but practically the king of all nonces, as counterintuitive as that may seem.

And the same applies to Dan Schneider, with the added benefit of being behind the scenes so that most people, now concerned about pedos, wouldn't know he existed, despite looking exactly like you'd think he would given what we know now.

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Because women have no means of taking responsibility, like they want to be treated like a child for the rest of their life and just fuck about without worry cos, "My adult guardian will take the heat for me, tee hee!"

Did they have sex or send nudes? The article mentioned dating but it's not an indicator. If they did, she would at least have a leg to stand on.
And the 19 yr old, on your bike, you're over the age of consent so live with the consequences, attention whore.
Even if women are adults, they apparently are also still children who can't be trusted with any kind of sexual relationship. Unless of course they are "sex workers" , in which case nothing matters and they blow can eight dudes at once in the middle of Times Square in the name of smashing the patriarchy.

Did Cameron Stewart or Warren Ellis actually do anything illegal? Did they contact underage girls? Did either one of them rape someone? These guys might be creepy around women, but has any actual crime been committed? I think Stewart will be thrown under the bus, but it will be interesting to see if Ellis is able to get through this. He is responsible for a lot of careers, and he has a lot of friends in the comics media. Will they defend him, or will they tear him to pieces so that no one asks Heidi MacDonald or Matt Fraction what they knew and when they knew it.

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Jesus fuck, I had shaken his hand, and have a picture of me with him somewhere when he visited here in 2014, signed my Assassin's Creed trade paperbacks. I threw them away in university I think a year or two afterwards, can't remember but I did comment in the comic book thread.

After I left the convention hall though, I had this lingering urge to sock him flat across his face. To quote Vinnie Gognitti from Max Payne,



will definitely consider what you have said
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I remember watching an episode or two of Jim'll Fix it. I wasn't wise then, nor am I wise now, but he seemed like a strange old man in a trackie.
You remember when Matthew Kelly was arrested (on the say so of head nonce Jonathan King) for being a nonce and the collective public reaction was "I can't believe Matthew Kelly would do that"?

(And indeed, Matthew Kelly had not done it, was cleared in full and King admitted he made it up to settle scores with Matthew Kelly)

Was there honestly anyone who ever heard about Savile and didn't immediately think "Absolute wrong'un, clearly did it"?

He was so fucking weird and scary even then that it glowed in the dark.

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Sir, does this mean that Ann-Margret's not coming?
"Apparently Warren Ellis was accused too"

Oh fuck no. Here's hoping that it is not true..I mean, I always liked the first volume of the Authority and Transmetropolitan.

Anybody got information about the veracity of that claim?
So far, it’s just been accusations for both Ellis and Cameron Stewart, with sexual coercion being thrown about. Doesn’t help that everyone is in full listen and believe mode and have started disavowing Ellis almost instantly.
While it is tempting to just label them sex pests and move on, the Vic Mignogna controversy taught me better.

So far, it’s just been accusations for both Ellis and Cameron Stewart, with sexual coercion being thrown about. Doesn’t help that everyone is in full listen and believe mode and have started disavowing Ellis almost instantly.
While it is tempting to just label them sex pests and move on, the Vic Mignogna controversy taught me better.
This is exactly how I feel. I don't really know who Stewart is, but I want some evidence before I start labeling people.

They seem to be bringing up both Brian Wood and Warren Ellis, which probably isn't a coincidence, considering Ellis has a new wave of fame/success with Castlevania and Wood has been trying to get his DMZ TV series off the ground forever. Both are some of my favorite comics writers, but they've both been insufferable to follow on social because of them doing the guilty conscience "I guess I'll throw my weight behind SJW shit to hope they don't come after me" shit. Wood's Star Wars comics that were pretty much "look at how progressive we are about Leia as a heroine" back in like 2010 was my last straw in following him.

Wood's shit years ago (not sure if something else is new) was "yeah we were both drunk and I was a mess because I thought you were into me. Sorry." I can imagine that's never going to be enough for people.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ellis is a creep, but it seems like most of the people reporting were legal when whatever happened. At this point if I was a man working in comics I wouldn't want anything to do with younger women no matter the quality of pussy, because you know they'll throw you under the bus for clout at a moment's notice.

Also, for what it's worth, I can vouch for Andrea (quoted in the original topic) as being a decent voice in all this. Kate Leth can go fuck herself, though.

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The only underage accusations I can find are Aviva Mai says she was 16 when Cameron Stewart tried to date her, and this tweet accusing Ellis of getting nudes from her when she was 16.
This person, who seems to be on the main people going up against Ellis says
"My #MeToo story of @warrenellis is backed up with an archive of hundreds of emails and photos that spans years. We were prey yet didn't know it, because we were so, so young."
The screenshots of emails she tweeted with it are from 2009. When she was 26. Tweet from 32 birthday in 2014.
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I believe the guy to be a predator but I also believe she put this out because it'll boost her career and also what she had with him was consensual. Don't take the word of an arthoe with an OnlyFans that threatens legal action if you repost their flat-as-a-board chest. At this point just nuke the whole modern day comic industry.


Is corona-chan gone yet?
Why was a 16 year old dating a 32 year old comic artist? How did this guy get groupies?
Let me guess, it was the connections.

They went on the casting couch, in a sense. Now they want to destroy his career, I'd give the benefit of the doubt that it was mostly out of a sense of digust at the realization that they were used, but I think everyone knows that it was so that no new start ups can use the rope they climbed up with.


Keh heh heh heh…
19 years old and acting like you're some 10 year old innocent child who didn't understand.

Sit down and shut up, whore. People like you make it that much more difficult for REAL abuse victims to be taken seriously.
'B-but he tried to pick me up with the intent of sex! When I was legal! I had zero clue what men are after! I'm just a poor dumb child! I never knew men like getting their dick sucked! He is a monster!'

Yeah. These accusations 10 years after the fact and when someone is an adult are paper thin and frankly dumb as hell. That article I read about 'why are young men not having sex or relationships as frequently' starts to make sense when you see shit like this. Why would any man try and date/fuck when ten years from now they can call consensual flirting grooming and worthy of being cancelling or labelled as a sexual predator.

The 16 year old is egregious and could go either way but people are acting like a teenager can't be duplicitous or lie about their age which is just dumb. If he really did try and date a 16 year old knowing she was that's scummy and sleazy but it's not rape.