Former Cuban president Fidel Castro dies aged 90 -


Hello faggot lovers!
Love him or hate him, you gotta admire the fact that he kept a commie nation operating longer than any other and that he didn't die with a bullet to the back of his head.
Certainly prevented himself from the same situation Nicolae Ceaușescu ended up in.

Que en paz, you magnificent bastard. I've always been honored to share a birthday with you.
At least that's something to be honored for. Reminded of being in Spanish class in high school and being the only one to put a Cuban flag on my locker as nobody else picked that country out of Latin America for theirs as part of a project. I figured someone had to do it.


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Call me ignorant, but I thought Castro died a few years ago. I knew he was in a coma, but figured he was gone then.
You might be thinking of Ariel Sharon, who was actually in a coma for years before dying. Castro wasn't in a coma and was still meeting people and saying things as recently as last year.


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Recall the Soviet Union had used that same statement on us too.
It's possible for the bad guys to have a point on matters entirely unrelated to the reason they're still justifiably an enemy.

Also obama you cant feel sad for fidel and condemn assad you cunt.
Let's not bullshit. For Tadmur alone, Assad's in a seperate league of evil from almost anyone else in history. Even Michael Jackson never came up with something that evil.


do you see what happens
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Marc Randazza points out it's stupid to celebrate the death of Castro.

The son of a bitch died rich, at the age of 90, in bed at home.

Castro seized power in 1959. He saw 11 U.S. presidents come and go. He retired, and put his brother in power. He died at the age of 90, peacefully, in his bed, surrounded by loved ones. Sure beats the hell out of how any of his victims died.
Best response to this death I've seen yet.
die raul rip

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