Former NYU Professor Charged With Hate Crime Following Vandalism at Brooklyn Church -


"He who dies with the most stories, wins."

A former professor at NYU has been arrested and charged with hate crime after he allegedly uprooted plants outside a Brooklyn church, throwing them at the door and damaging a $5,000 statue.

The whole incident was caught on security camera at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Williamsburg early Sunday. The church's pastor, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, tells NBC New York that police told him 34-year-old Michael Gould Wartofsky was drunk when he vandalized the church's property.

Wartofsky is seen on video with two other men, walking down 8th Street. He stopped in front of the church and started pulling plants from the garden, throwing it at the door but two other men didn't participate, according to the church.

The ex-Sociology professor also yelled something at the security camera. He then dragged a heavy resin statue of St. Jude to the middle of the street, repeatedly kicking it and then leaving it there.

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Gigantiello says he believes Wartofsky was making a statement. "This exhibition of violence, anger, and hatred is very disturbing. This is definitely an attack on the Catholic Church," Gigantiello said.

Police charged Wartofsky with hate crime criminal mischief but no charges of public intoxication were filed.

An NYU spokesperson tells NBC New York that Wartofsky has no fall term assignment as an adjunct professor at NYU, and that he's not currently an NYU employee.


Gee, I wonder why he's a former professor... Though, I wouldn't really call this a hate crime, just a moron. He should pay for statue repair though.
This guy has contributed such wonders to truly fabulous websites such as Huffington Post, The Nation, and Salon.

Also a most likely shitty book on Amazon with only four reviews called The Occupiers: The Making of the 99 Percent Movement.

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Everything is really boring and really white. Also his hat looks fucking stupid.
He's one of those idiots where everything he does is inept and stupid to the point his "hate crime" is laughable. He sounds like a manchild who's still salty his parents made him comb his hair and dragged him to Mass on Sunday.


Tactical Autism Response Division
True & Honest Fan
>Hates Christians


Why can't people stop contributing to this meme?
It's almost like a certain group of people in Academia is harboring hatred of people based solely on their belief system.
You might even be forgiven for thinking it was all one step in a larger, carefully choreographed display.
The kicker for me is that he was drunk when he did it.

"The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be, doth dwell."

Polish on Italian crime?
He should have burned the building, Catholics are flesh eating devil worshiper....

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