Former NYU Professor Charged With Hate Crime Following Vandalism at Brooklyn Church -

>Wears a stupid hat
>Bio can be summed up as 'Something, something Occupy Wall Street'

I can't help, but feel like I've seen someone like this before...


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Background stuff, from another site:

"He's the son of two philosophy professors, the late Marx W. Wartofsky and Carol C. Gould. The two married in 1982. Dr. Wartofsky was at that time a 54 year old divorce and had sired children with his previous wife. Carol Gould was de minimus 29 at the time (36 would be your single best guess given the date on her first academic appointment). Michael Gould-Wartofsky would likely have been her last-ticket-out-of-the-station kid, born when his father was 57 years old. Marx Wartofsky died in 1997. His son enrolled at Harvard in the fall of 2003.

"Carol Gould is still teaching and publishing. She's had tenured appointments several places, but is now at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center, with an endowed chair. She's a big pinecone in the world of academic philosophy. Her husband appears to have spent his prime teaching at Boston University.

"His father was born in Brooklyn in 1928. I cannot identify the paternal-side grandfather. There were a number of Wartofsky families in and around Brooklyn at the time. The head of household in every case was born in the Pale of Settlement and all had skilled wage work (rag trade, building, factory). If he's a trustafarian, the money isn't coming from the father's side."


"He who dies with the most stories, wins."
>Hates Christians


Why can't people stop contributing to this meme?
It's almost like a certain group of people in Academia is harboring hatred of people based solely on their belief system.
You might even be forgiven for thinking it was all one step in a larger, carefully choreographed display.
The kicker for me is that he was drunk when he did it.

"The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be, doth dwell."
Or as the Chosen themselves say: "What is in a man's gut when he's sober, comes out on his tongue when he's drunk."

If someone pulled the menorah out of a synagogue and kicked it in the street, should that be called a hate crime? If so, then this should be a hate crime.

Personally, hate the idea of 'hate crimes'. Crime is crime. And the US justice system already has built into it spectrum of penalties for each crime in order to moderate the punishments to suit individual situations. So you can take 'systemic hate' into account in sentencing without codifying stupid 'hate crime' laws that turn petty vandals into Papist hating Nazi's.


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Personally, hate the idea of 'hate crimes'. Crime is crime.
The push to to make 'hate crime' a federal offense enabled the federal government to overstep the boundaries of states' rights. IMO it also has the effect of reinforcing racial and cultural divides between Americans, thus keeping them atomized and therefore easier to control.

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He's one of those idiots where everything he does is inept and stupid to the point his "hate crime" is laughable. He sounds like a manchild who's still salty his parents made him comb his hair and dragged him to Mass on Sunday.
Someone with the name Gould-Wartofsky isn't mad because his parents made him to go Mass on Sunday. Wrong ritual, wrong day.


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He's the son of two philosophy professors, the late Marx W. Wartofsky and Carol C. Gould.
So he's some privileged rich kid of an overpaid blowhard given free reign to babble on about how humans gain knowledge and an "analytical" Marxist.

And "analytical" she is:

Gould also employed such positive conception of liberty to describe a feminist ideal of androgyny, wherein a gender-free society is considered ideal and morally good.
No wonder this man turned out so stupid; both of his parents were massive pseudointellectuals.

Or as the Chosen themselves say: "What is in a man's gut when he's sober, comes out on his tongue when he's drunk."
Is that an actual Jewish proverb? I'm genuinely curious in seeing the source of this quote.
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