Fortnite Youtuber FaZe Jarvis Banned For Cheating, Ninja Defends Him “You Ban A Content Creator, You Ruin His Life” - Only you filthy plebs who donate to me should be banned for life!

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What should his punishment be?

  • Hang him!

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  • Burn him!

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  • Draw and quarter!

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  • *Ninja's voice* I say we let him go.

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Qi Meng Dealer
Jan 15, 2016
Logan Paul should have been banned, and this zoomer was right to be banned. I don't support double standards just because some shitty groups support them, and Ninja is a dipshit for using this argument.
It's funny you mention that because just how Youtube went easy on Logan Paul, their golden child at the time, Epic would absolutely defend Ninja because he's the poster child for Fortnite.

I actually don't care one way or the other if Logan Paul deserves to get banned or not (I lean towards banned because he doesn't create good content in general), but there's a noticeable difference between what Paul did and what this kid did. In Paul's case, he made a disrespectful and tasteless video, but overall, any other casual viewer can just ignore Paul's channel altogether and watch someone else. No one's not ever gonna watch YouTube videos just because they stumbled on Paul's video and found it crass. In Jarvis' case, while viewers are free to seek entertainment elsewhere, he still fucked the in-game experience for all other players playing in the games he used cheats on, and that sometimes has lasting effects on those other players in that they get frustrated and move on to other games, thus losing potential revenue for Epic. This is magnified by how Fortnite is a free game, so any player lost to frustration potentially might have been one of those whales that spend for cosmetics - it's not like a traditional paid game where Epic already got their $40-$60 from that player who left.

If I ran Epic, I'd tell Ninja in private to shut it. Fortnite is much bigger than Ninja, still, and even if he bitched publicly about being told off, played other games, and claimed he will never play Fortnite ever again, I'm very sure he'd come crawling back to Fortnite down the line once he sees his rich boy regular income drying up.


Sep 7, 2019
Because he's getting shit on harder by the same rules just because he's a "known" "content creator".

with great power comes great responsibility.

no one put a gun to his head and forced him to cheat.

I mean you could always try and go "I'm sorry officer, but I have to keep my driver's license because my livelihood depends on it, if you take it away for me speeding I would be double fucked, and that's unfair!"


If you miss it, you must be blind!
Oct 25, 2017
Play shitty games (more than one meaning!), get shitty prizes. Poor kid, now he'll have to do something other than click a mouse for shekels.


True & Honest Fan
Dec 12, 2018
It's not "completely different situations" - the two examples I used are people who were actually cheating during professional matches where money was on the line - something I would argue that's way worse than expressly cheating in a public match - and citing the punishment they received.

EDIT - But if you guys want an example of the severity, this year two fortnite players were caught cheating in the qualifiers for the Fortnite Cup (a $30,000,000) tournament - thier punishment? A two-week competitive ban - they didn't even lose their previous qualification points. They both kept thier minimum $50,000 cash prizes.
What is this supposed to prove? All any of us will say is "they need to have been punished more harshly, like this dude was." You keep bringing up situations that aren't comparable. Professional league punishment is up to the company's discretion, while it is consistent across games that using a cheat program is a perma-ban from that game. Getting unbanned from playing a game because you're a content creator would be more blatant favoritism than inconsistent professional bans, because the terms of service are very clear.

Openly stating that I'm pirating a game or movie in a video to prove a point will still make me liable for doing so, there's no "it was a social experiment" excuse when it comes to rules.

Aug 8, 2016
I just don't understand how 'pissing off epic by aimbotting and then ban evading and naming my new accounts things that will personally upset Tim Sweeney' wasn't his end goal. And then you watch that apology video, which, as someone else said, follows the exact same formula as every other apology video, and you realise it's just kayfabe. He's going to play 'the reformed cheater'. Maybe he could be really on the nose with it and start streaming "His (red dead) Redemption (2) Arc".

Sep 30, 2019
Can we ban Fortnite instead?
We need to treat all game streamers like we should be treating all camwhores, the problem isnt the fact that fortnite is cringe, its that fortnite is a career, and that is not only cringe, but a key component of the consumerist economic machine that must be crushed to usher in an age of prosperity.

Banning fortnite would generate some interesting reaction though.