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Swiggity Swooty

Food and good doesn't rhyme.
I guess posting angry tweets nonstop can give/worsen someone's GOTIS.

Really though, does anyone else think there's at least one of Foxiify's followers that gets tires of her nonstop bullshit tweets?


These tweets will damage her credibility to work on Growing Around. If she wants to have anything remain, due to potential employers that going to search her, she NEEDS to stop this now.
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Sanae Kochiya

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Pretty sure medical concerns like this should be addressed to a doctor and not the proactive mines of Twitter.

But, y'know, someone with an inspiring medical degree (i.e. He Googled something on Web M.D.) could diagnose her symptoms on these Tweets and give her a valid medical opinion.

... Or she could get off Twitter and actually see someone about it if she's so bloody concerned.
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I remembered about Foxiify recently and decided to just check up on her twitter out of curiosity. Something caught my eye.
What anime was she watching?!

Other than that it just seems to be her usual kinds of tweets, but I just skimmed it.

The Jumping Dwarf

I'm offendered if misgendered
I've just checked her Twitter and it's still a huge wall of inane crap. It's astounding. She kinda reminds me of one of those "ebooks" bot accounts in that she tweets way too much and yet her tweets are completely pointless and say nothing of value. In fact, I think we could make a Foxiify_ebooks and you could barely tell the difference.

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