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Thanks to @nonnewtonian for digging up a facepic on the dude


Lee Allen Miller of 949 Foxtail St. Fort Collins, Colorado is a busy man. When he isn't running Foxrunner PC or at BioHealth Labs as a Network Admin, Lee engages in some interesting internet antics.

A recent trend in the news has been the discovery of the alt-fur or nazifur movement. This is really nothing necessarily new, there have been nazifurs for a while. There is actually an online group called the "Furry Raiders" who use Nazi iconography such as a paw print logo fashioned similar to and warn like the Nazi Swastika (as seen below). One of the more peculiar nazifurs in the furry community is Foxler. Foxler was actually the subject of a news article talked about here on KF.


Foxler makes some pretty amazing videos in the past month or so trying to cover his ass.

In this video he is trying to make clear what his "stance" is.

Here is a video of him ranting on "SJW"s. He literally cannot keep up with his own thoughts and is out of breath. He is also whining about people trying to dox him.

While he will rant on SJW "snowflakes", he also complains that the community isn't inclusive enough for him and his views.

At 8 minutes he starts talking about how he became a neo-Nazi, making excuses for things he said in the past

A lot of the "hate" he gets is from his association with the "Furry Raiders". The Furry Raiders are basically a group of furs who have some pretty bizarre beliefs about the furry fandom, fursexuality, etc. and they basically set up an "us v. them" mentality. They are based on places like Telegram and Second Life. Below is Foxler whining about "snowflake furries".




The Fury Raiders are themselves worthy of discussion as they have been responsible for disrupting a number of FurCons, including the 2016 and 2017 FurCons in Denver. In 2016, the Raiders had booked a large number of rooms making it difficult for other furs to book, but in 2017, based on a Twitter squabble that ended with threats of Nazi punching and fur-on-fur shooting, the event was cancelled. That's for another discussion, though.


As a Furry Raider he recruits people to join up and be proud white furries.



One of the more horrifying things that Foxler has done is evidenced below. His oldest female dog had to have her ovaries removed, thereby "taking her pleasure away"


Credit to @Super Collie

Foxler also had an account on BeastForum that somehow got banned. He apparently made posts and they were modified later on.



I remember the light that night, it was pass the sunset and everything was going great. Each turn was like dash of my life almost to the point were the moon blend in with her. It wasn't too soon that she stop near a clearing, to take break from all this running. I came up to her all laughing from all the fun of this evening, but the games didn't stop there. The grin on her muzzles made it sure she wasn't done. With one movement of her body she landed on top of me and look down in the mist of the moon. Looking up to the night sky and murr out about how much she miss him. I heard her whisper and smile at her as I lean up giving her a kiss on the cheek. She turn and giggle coming down to kiss me back on the lips, I was shock at first and took the kiss in like it was the last. Both there body rubbing each other until she pull off him and got back on all four legs walking off to her den.

He look up to the sky and sigh, knowing she was so sweet to him. I would never forget the first day they both told each other how we really feel. Those day were like no other and still now it's been even better. I hope that one day I could build a den just for both of us and maybe have a family. Each passing night I dream about her and let my mind go free. Then this was night I could no forget, walking into the den and looking out to see her sleeping soundly in her bed. I came up to her and smile again looking down as she turn a bit letting a small place were I could be near by, with the small light from the den opening I place myself near her and let my body crest over her with a tail wrapping around her. Then a whisper of love, my eyes close up and the world which I dreams with her came to be...

Night Night Sweetie

After that nice story I came up with when I was looking out the deck, I was thinking about Angela and then Pua her new anteater, must say she a cute one too. Seeing some new pics was even better out of the cage and tame. OMG I still was shock to hear that Pua was licking Angela soo cool well after knowing she was sleep that night I took some time to make this pics and wirte a short story about it. I hope you like it sweetie...

It feels good to have your ture love with you!
Well the dog I was going to get Nala well I didn't because she had puppy!! YAY well I got one of the first pick, a sweet female Husky with white fur and blue eyes nuzzles her well I name her after her mother because I fell in love with her, but then her pup was even better, well Nala is 10 weeks old now and she a sweetie. I mean rigth away I got a lick kiss from her and then after taking her more in 5 mins in my room she bit my cam cable, was I mad? Never!! I just said "bad girl" and hug her, Well after that it was getting late school is going to start and I need sleep well Nala did too. She stay with me the night and yea I love her now soo dearly, well I think all dogs know what a nuzzles and lick kiss mean to them, but how about a full on tongue kiss blushes well she was licking my face and she found my mouth and her tongue wen tin once she look at him and I put my tongue back in her and we started to kiss deeply and I think even for a young pup she knew what I was giving her and what it all mean and I think it lasted 5 mins and a few more after that. She even more happy then before and right by my side as I write this out to you now. Well that my day and I never felt any better then today....


kisses Nala again as she kisses me back "I love you nala"

Here's video of that poor dog



Here he reflects on having fur cybersex with a 13 year old when he was 18
grins I'm the sweetest fox
Ok ok well foxes are mostly sly animal like to eat what they can find soo yea that me, but I'm just little diff as I was told, I'm the sweetest fox around. Well Jessi thinks the same thing and now her friend hannha to, but Jessi and all of her friends are 13 years old, now I'm not sick guy here ok they know me and my age as well I met Jessi in a Starfox Chat Room and she loves foxes soo we just hang alot and I help her out when she needs it now I know all 12 of her friends and all of them think I'm cool soo that great. Well last night I was talking to hannha and she was not very much into furry liek Jessi is, but she is ok well I was talking to her and she said brb liek always and her older bro came on the computer and looking for game cheats right well he saw my message to her that was just a hug you know getting all piss of about it he look at my profile. OH fucking god!! NO it says I'm 18 years old, now hannah and all her friends knew I was 18 and they didn't mind at all soo shit well her bro took it to her mother that got mad and talk with hannha soo that suck. After waiting for 4 hrs she came back on all upset and crying a bit about how she dosen't want to lose me right and her mother put this yahoo thing on her computer to make sure she wasn't talking to me soo I help her get it off and she said before I did "I love talking to you, I never want you to go because you are the sweetest guy every" and I was almost in shock hearing this from her now her friend eirca said the smae thing when I was talking to her and they both like me, but when she said that and put a heart next to it I knew she wanted more I'm liek shit I got my sweetie chantelle here and hannah only 13 here crys what am I going to do here I can't hurt this little girls heart and I knew that this would be bad for everyone so I Rp with her showing my furry side to her and she love it even more now she didn't Rp back soo it was just me and showing that I care for her, but couldn't get close. OMG I was wrong with that she turn that Rp in a love Rp as she started to Rp back how much she like me sigh well I really like it, but after she wanted to get to her room I knew this was going to be really bad, but it wasn't she wanted to give me a kiss.. lol I feel liek I'm 14 again well I'm not well she Rp about her room and how much she loves animal and she had a farm and alot the animal on it. I'm liek damn she a country girl here.. and she started to get all piss off that it was too hot and I'm liek yea it was 90F here and over there liek 99F soo it was fucking hot soo I pick her up and lay her on the bed as I turn on the fan, now remember this just RP and after it was like 10PM here she said to me "I love you" and I fell out of my computer chair after that and told her how much I care, but I was too old and I had a girlfriend, well she didn't listen to me on this one she started to whimper back at me saying she didn't care how old I was and she knew about my girl chantell and how far she lived soo I'm like damn it and she said I'm closer. I said yea I know, but I'm 18 here I can go to jail for this and shit, but she still want me with her soo I went with it then I fould myself on top over her as he was laying on her back on her bed here kissing her, damn it I couldn't keep this up. Now I do know what she look like, well everyone that Jessi know because she gave me a group pics, then after kissing I could tell she was horny as hell for me for one she just got over with PMS and wanted someone and showing her what a sweet guy is because I remember she told me every guy she dated as been an asshole to her and hurt her alot soo yea letting her know what this sweet fox can give is really good. Now if anyone read this and thinks it was wrong yea it was kind of, but you have to remember I'm furry and she as a sweet heart that shouldn't be hurt soo I didn't want to do anything with her like that just talk and make her happy her ok.. Well before she left because her mother told her to get off she wanted to stay. Soo I think she wants me, but we all know that not going to happen well I won't let her hopes down yet until she find someone else..

Foxler is frequently causing ripples in the fur community for his Nazism and zoophilia.


Interestingly enough about Foxler is that he's been the focus of multiple news stories including Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, The New Statesmen and VICE.

Rolling Stone article mention
Lee Miller, the 29-year-old Fort Collins furry who wears the armband as his Foxler Nightfire fursona, has in turn been accused of being a neo-Nazi. He denies any connection between his armband and that of the Third Reich. Online forums have characterized the Furry Raiders as a "neo-nazi cult-like group" recruiting members with "gifts, grooming and manipulation," according to Dogpatch Press, a blog covering the furry community. But Miller does not agree with such descriptions. "We have a strong stance about keeping equal rights and personal creativity within the fandom," says Miller, who adds that he has never been banned from a convention contrary to other furry beliefs.

VICE article snippet discussing the Furry Raiders recruiting
"Foxler is all about grooming and manipulating people that don't feel like they belong anywhere—and, let's face it, most furries feel like they don't belong anywhere," a Colorado-based furry named Ash told me.

Ash is a 28-year-old who, like Miller, lives in Colorado and has been working to ban Foxler and his crew from local meetups. Armbands are now almost universally disallowed from the local scene, she told me, and Foxler is also not welcome at a local bimonthly dance party called Foxtrot. One problem, however, is that since people in the community are almost always in disguise at these events, it's impossible to tell who is secretly an alt-furry. Ash and others have been monitoring Twitter and trying to suss out who's been communicating with the enemy, but it's been tough.

Foxler telling The New Statesman he is only "trolling"
Foxler's story sounds very convenient, and I searched his name on Twitter along with the word "Jew" to see if he had made hateful comments. Although I initially found nothing, some other furries - who are against Nazi furries - message me some screenshots of comments they claim Foxler has made on YouTube, in which he says "I hate black people" and "I stand by Hitler".

Foxler admits he made these comments but tells me he was just "trolling".

"When people started calling me out few years ago, I started to troll real Nazis and see how would they react to furry that aligns with them," he says over Twitter. "What I got out of it was 'go die you mutt', reason I could never support people like that." I ask him, does he hate black people?

If that wasn't enough, he was involved in a vehicular assault case involving "tactical positions" at a furcon with a Brony

tl;dr, this guy's an idiot.
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5-6 years ago, Foxler was a "daddy" towards another user on FA, who has since abandoned their account. But here's some dumb arts of them together, also featuring the iconic armband of course.
gross foxler.png



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Oct 17, 2015

Well fuck, can anyone verify this if it's true? The one in his LJ dates 2005, so I'm sure it's different.

One of the more horrifying things that Foxler has done is evidenced below. His oldest female dog had to have her ovaries removed, thereby "taking her pleasure away"


Credit to @Super Collie
could you fix the image, you pasted the anti brony story here instead of him being a dogfucker, thanks!


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Jesus christ, either he is really fucking stupid and just trying to be edgy (obviously he is stupid) or he is such a little bitch that he won't admit his political beliefs out of fear of being called a Nazi.

Also a one hour video? Yeah fuck that, I can't fathom what he talks about in that one autistic hour, but honestly staring at a wall for one hour would be less of a waste of time.

Apr 19, 2017
I couldn't get through any of those videos because I just kept thinking the same 2 things:

1. That shitdick gives me Chuck E Cheese flashbacks and I half expect to see Jeff Dunham's hand so far up his ass because he's puppetesque.
2. For someone who talks about other people being sensitive; my bully intuition tells me that without his big boy Halloween costume I could make him cry in about 3.5 seconds by berating something as simple as his family of zits or the button on a fur coat crotch he was cursed with.


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I can't find a reference for it now, but he has repeatedly claimed that his furry name of "Foxler" is not an intended reference to Hitler. No, instead it is supposed to be a portmanteau of "Fox" and "Miller" (his surname). Sure thing, fella :story: