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Frequently Questioned Answers (FQA) is a splinter-forum of Fundies Say The Darndest Things (FSTDT).

Fundies Say The Darndest Things is a website dedicated to cataloging quotes from Fundamentalist Christians, as well as conspiracy theorists, racists, and members of Love-Shy/Sluthate. As you might expect, the forum based around this website attracted a few different subgroups of lolcows, including: insane trannies, smug white knights, smug anti-theists, and poly sorts.

And this is before the last admin got run off for saying he wouldn't sleep with a tranny woman and got replaced by a 'genderweird poly autistic'


This is all I've currently got for upload. Will probably return with more later.

If anyone else would like to contribute screencaps/posts - the original boards can be found here: http://fstdt.proboards.com/

And the remnant forums can be found here:

Buck Bumble

Now, for a bit of history.

The history of the main site for FSTDT is well known enough that you could probably just pull it up from the TVTropes page. Guy named WinAce decides that religious fundamentalists are his personal lolcow, creates a site to catalogue quotes and then dies of cystic fibrosis 3 years later. Then a tranny woman took over the site in an attempt to improve her coding skills - decided it was too hard - and then passed it off to Distind, who still hosts the main page. For the most part, that's simple.

The forums? That's a hell of a lot more complicated.

Every forum has its drama. Hell, even before I'd joined them, there was an amount of infighting that comes naturally from having a 'skeptics' forum that also happens to contain people with any sort of religious beliefs. In fact, part of what makes writing this post difficult is figuring out what's just silly forum drama and what ended up being actual lolcow/funny stuff. The forum is over 8 years old, so there's a lot of filler to run through.

Before going over specific members, I should go over the two major 'splits' and why they occurred. I'll try to provide screenshots when possible, but several split-causing threads and even entire user accounts have been scrubbed in the interest of 'preventing drama'.

Split #1 - "Nappygate"

"Nappygate" was a name given for a situation involving two other major arguments - "Sugargate", and "Ponygate".

"Sugargate" was a situation in which one of the forum's more smug users, a man named Vene, sperged out on other users during a thread about the government regulating sugar. When other users called him out for being smug, his girlfriend (a moderator for the site) came in and gave other members warnings. When people called her out for that and accused Vene of hiding behind his moderator girlfriend, the two of them left to the girlfriend's gaming forum, along with anyone else involved in their polyamorous relationship.

This, on its own, would not have been a big deal.

At the same time was "Ponygate", a situation in which a member posted clopart to the forum's rule 34 thread. Another forum moderator, Napoleon_The_Clown, immediately took to IRC to berate the person who posted it for breaking the rules, citing that he'd posted bestiality. When told that clopart was not actually against the rules, he took to the rules thread and added a rule against it, citing the user that 'made the rule a necessity' by name. This led people on the IRC to rebel against him, telling him that he was making a pariah of another member for posting something he didn't like. When the realization that he couldn't ban everyone who disagreed with him hit, he threatened to nuke the forum as a whole before being stripped of his mod powers and running to the same gaming forum that Vene and his girlfriend ran, along with all of the users that agreed with Napoleon about the clopart as well as anyone who found lulz in watching the community sperg out.

These two things put together caused a massive split that resulted in several old forumites leaving, with some sticking behind for the purpose of trolling for further lulz. For the next four years (as the split occurred in 2012), there would be huge spergouts over the members that left and the trolling attempts that would occur afterward. It even got to the point once that leaked IRC logs between FQA and the splinter forum made a forumite threaten suicide.

All because a group of supposed 'rationalists' couldn't get over their differences on sugar, or just laugh in the background at someone who posted clopart. Or leave well enough alone once they'd already left.

Buck Bumble

Split #2 - Distind.

Distind is the current administrator for the main site, as well as the admin/lead moderator of "R/FSTDT", a subreddit offshoot of the main site. He used to be the admin for the forums, but uh...

Distind made the mistake of saying this. Almost all other threads and quotes pertaining to Distind's drama have been scrubbed, but basically - the tranny members of the forum (mainly QueenofHearts, also known as 'The_Queen' in the forum pictures up above) got after Distind for this. This led to him saying that he'd feel uncomfortable sleeping with a tranny, which led to them basically screaming at him until he said something more 'problematic' and therefore completely justified (in their eyes) harassing him off of the boards.

That led to this -

This split is why FQA exists as a forum and FSTDT does not (outside of the now-dead proboards). After this split, Sigmaleph was left as the forum admin (The aforementioned genderweird autistic who thinks 'autisgender' actually has merit).

Most of the remaining forum members after the split have since left, citing that the forum is now too toxic to keep going, and that the remaining forum members are too ignorant of reality to take seriously. In fact, most of the remaining forumites from my time on the site are actually people who left during 'Nappygate', meaning that the insane have taken over the asylum.

Whilst the forum itself is dying (only a dozen or so dedicated posters remain at present), there's still plenty of hilarity to be had from scouring the old archives on the original proboards, or by checking some of the archives on FQA (Their social justice thread is a treat, as is any thread pertaining to gamergate).

And if you're lucky enough to get membership somehow, there's the Flame & Burn board (dedicated to members flaming each other or just flaming in general, as if that'll stop drama) as well as the 'Confidential Confessions' board, where all of them complain about their personal lives and generally divulge way too much information. It's also home to the new Member's Picture thread, which is a treat as well.

Buck Bumble

As one last note before I go back to digging for specific member posts so I can build a bit of lore on them, there's this - http://fqa.digibase.ca/index.php?topic=7263.0

Now, this is almost a month old, so the odds of this actually happening are low - but if you see an FSTDT-colored clone of Leafy pop up, there you are.

Of course, the guy who plans on starting this is a lolcow in and of himself. He's an autistic aussie whose stories of family abuse and other WTFery are so unbelievable that even the members of the forum think he's blowing smoke up their asses. These stories include:

- Him being friends with local white supremacists/neo-nazis because they're the only people IRL that would hang out with him.
- Him going on an alcohol fueled bender and blowing up a building that was set to be demolished during a drunken attempt to make his own Bad Dragon dildo
- Repeated threats of suicide over various happenings on the forum, including a situation in which he was banned from the gaming splinter forum for leaking IRC logs.
- A situation in which a dead cat was hung from a chain off of his front porch. Apparently, when he took the cat off of the chain, he was later whipped with the same chain.
- A situation in which he killed a would-be rapist with a steel beam.
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Buck Bumble

So, for a first post about specific members, I suppose I should go into three of the bigger members in FSTDT's history; Oriet, Vene, and Magni.

I mention these three together because they were all in one relationship. I also find that they're a perfect example of how FQA came to fall the way it has. Oriet was a global mod in a relationship with members without those privileges. If you were a friend or in some way romantically involved with her, you were basically immune to criticism - in fact, it honestly worked that way across the board. If you were romantically involved or friends with a 'popular' member, you could do basically anything and not get banned.

This is Oriet -



Oriet was probably the main core of that side of the drama, as you would expect out of a global mod for the site. Between covering for Vene and flirting with Magni, she would ramble about any topic having to do with trans people in any way.

Oriet is probably the easiest person to find posts from, behind Magni, simply because of the nature of the topics. "Chicks with dicks" and polyamory tended to be pet subjects, and if you search the forums for her posts, you'll see her getting into discussions about these subjects often.

As for her part in the first split - as I said before, new forumgoers rebelled against her after Vene's show of assery in the sugar thread, and eventually she left with Vene, Magni, and a few other members.

For added hilarity - I and some other members actually received a list from her after her departure. She basically wanted the server admin and anyone who disagreed with Vene or Napoleon banned from the forums before she or any of the other members would return.
Onward, we move to Magni. I didn't know Magni very well, but uh --

I'm kinda wishing I'd learned more, because she hits tranny bingo. An incest apologetic, "auspergers"-suffering, "Genderfuck" pansexual female-to-intersex tranny who is disabled (due to auspergers), an ex-soldier, ex-stripper, apparently had a child with Oriet and wanted to kill it, sees all men as rapists and was at least partially responsible for chasing one of the admins off the site because she dared to use her successful website to ask for money. I never knew any of this when I was a member of the site.

If I had known any of this, and she was still active on any media I was aware of - I'd make a thread specifically for her.

Buck Bumble

Finally, there's Vene.

Vene is the hardest one to get posts about. Most of his posts on the site were rather milquetoast, with his only real spergs on the old site being his white knighting for Magni and Oriet.

He wouldn't reach true lolcow status until his smugness started to really bleed through on FQA - however, as he was one of the members who left in the first split, almost all of his content has (to my knowledge) been purged.

For at least one interesting note - it's due to his relationship to Oriet that https://kiwifarms.net/threads/chagen-frostav-vadara.19010/ this fellow stayed as long as he did. For someone who wanted nothing but rationality on the board, he didn't mind topics being shit up by lolcows.

Edit - forgive the double posts. Had too many images between them and had to split it. Sorry.

Buck Bumble

In all honesty, whether they notice the thread or not doesn't even matter at this point. Even though there's only 12 or so active members now, they still manage to find time to rip each others throats out on a regular basis, to the point that most of their time is now spent in a member's only board sperging about Gamergate or writing flame-posts directed at one another - or, once in a blue moon, remembering that Distind exists and a-logging him/conspiring to fuck him over in various ways.

That's kinda the problem I have with their "Flame & Burn" forum. It was supposed to keep infighting and personal insults to a single place on the site, so random guests wouldn't have to see it. Problem is, when you create a containment board for exceptional individuals like the ones shown above, the bullshit is eventually going to leak through.

Add to this that the moderators are usually friends with or in some cases romantic with the members that are causing these problems, and you have a situation in which the people that are causing problems are chasing people off of the site with absolutely no consequences.

Buck Bumble

For a bit of a fun note:

When FQA was first separated from FSTDT, the remaining userbase knew that this separation would cause the influx of new users to dry up - so for a while, they thought of things they could do to expand their internet footprint and therefore keep the forum alive.

Absolutely zero of these plans came to fruition, and aside from a firearm safety guide (and the aforementioned youtube channel idea, which was placed on a different subforum), none of them could even hold their attention on these things beyond 2013.

Currently? The only place that still even gives them a worthwhile mention is TVTropes, and that's as a tacked on mention at the end of the beginning summary. They're also mentioned on Rationalwiki - but that's only in the source listings. They aren't even mentioned in the main article.

In other words? My mentioning them on this site is the only real publicity they've gotten in 2-3 years from an outside source. In fact, if you google "Frequently Questioned Answers forum", this article is the third result.

Buck Bumble

I try to talk about the forums in specific, but the main page is kind of hilarious too, especially in regards to the Farms.

Why, someone mentioned us there just three days ago! http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=118656

It should probably be noted - both FSTDT and the CWCki had some overlap in userbase, back in the day. Aside from Chitoryu, there have been a few other members from here that've been there for a long while. I wouldn't be surprised if a large amount of them still lurk in both.
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I try to talk about the forums in specific, but the main page is kind of hilarious too, especially in regards to the Farms.

Why, someone mentioned us there just three days ago! http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=118656

It should probably be noted - both FSTDT and the CWCki had some overlap in userbase, back in the day. Aside from Chitoryu, there have been a few other members from here that've been there for a long while. I wouldn't be surprised if a large amount of them still lurk in both.
It still surprises me how many socjus exceptional individuals and insane trannies were Chris trolls back when he was a racist homophobic southerner, and now grievously regret ever making fun of him now that he's blossomed into a hot mess of a porridge-shaped tranny. But it probably shouldn't.
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